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Yes! I accept guest posts on www.PreCamera.com

If you’ve got a concept that you think can offer an excellent insight on any subject related to photography, digital camera models, DSLR’s and all of the accessories linked to cameras & photography. Then do pitch me your topics I’d consider them if they’re up to my expectations seriously.

Write For Us

REMEMBER, We don’t post spammy articles on my blog.

What are certain requirements to get your post published on my blog?

  • I shall only publish your post on my weblog if it is relevant, high quality, unique, user-friendly and engaging highly. If your post doesn’t meet the mentioned requirement, I quickly won’t publish it on my blog.
  • I shall only publish a weblog post containing more than 1000 words.
  • I shall only print royalty free of charge images on my blog, thus send me at least three related images together with your post and also send their resource URL’s so I can find out they are free images.
  • I’d choose a guest post if it includes short paragraphs like 3 to 4 sentences in each paragraph – I don’t want boring textbook posts.
  • Your post must focus on one keyword so that some search can be got by me engine traffic.

What you’ll obtain writing for my blog page?

You’ll get an opportunity to mention your website in the guest post (only one one hyperlink). Keep in mind; I don’t approve unnatural and irrelevant links, so you’d have to include your website in an exceedingly natural method. It must look organic otherwise I’ll need to edit your guest post (YES! I could do that). Furthermore, to together with your website, I additionally require that you consist of three to four four, even more, links from high authority sites (like Forbes, HuffingtonPost, and additional high authority sites) to aid your facts.

What don’t I approve?

I’ll not accept your guest post:

  1. If the post is unnatural, spammy and unhealthy for my blog
  2. If somehow I understand that it’s been compiled by an SEO freelance or agent writer
  3. If I don’t enjoy it, It won’t be published by me on my blog
  4. If it’s not engaging

How to send me your pitch?

You can send me your pitches directly at [email protected] – If accepted your article shall go live within three business days.

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