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What Should You Look At When Buying a New Camera

Apart from whatever types of cameras sellers have told you, one camera cannot be a ‘do it all.’ If such a camera exists, competition will suffer in this industry. One company would have been dominating the whole industry with its seedy patents. But this is not going to happen anytime sooner.

This reason is the accurate idea behind the existence of different types of cameras. So a recommendation is to take all kinds of cameras. For examples, as different tools which create for various purposes.

We know purchasing a camera can be equally difficult for a novice as well as professional photographers. One must have to be perceptive about features, price, and reviews of a particular camera before purchasing.


types of cameras


Here we have formulated a comprehensive guide for new camera users. Probably on how to single out the best camera from a crowd at the shop.




Choosing your Camera Type?

A wealth of options has made it a daunting task to choose the best camera. Once you enter the market, whether physical or virtual, you get bombarded with lots of promotional stuff.

Every camera manufacturing brand has its style as some fabricate high-tech types of cameras. On the contrary, others provide low priced and easy to use cameras. That is not the only confusion because you will also have to choose from different camera types like DSLR, a superzoom camera, and compact camera.

Every single type incorporates plenty of options which further mystify your selection. You may not even feel satisfied with your purchase right after you come out of the shop as some models are incredibly close in their competition.

Following descriptions of camera types will help you to identify the difference. Each class competes for different target market hence you have to determine your needs first and then choose the best-suited camera type for yourself.

types of cameras

Different Types of Cameras

Simple point and Shoot Cameras

Simple point and shoot compact cameras often come under $200 having no fancy details but perfect image quality. Mostly, these types of cameras accompany an AA battery which is not rechargeable like lithium-ion batteries.

You always have to purchase a lithium-ion battery with an extra investment but first, ask yourself whether it’s worth it or not. Camera companies produce those point and shoot types of cameras, not for professional photographers, but they do belong to the group of ‘simple around the house cameras.’

They mostly come with 3x optical zoom, but some companies extend their offerings by coming up with notably broader or longer focal lengths.

They are best for children and first-time users. People who prefer to take full control of the functionality of any camera should rather ignore them.

Standard Compact Cameras

Camera sellers price conventional compact cameras above $300, and they come with lithium-ion batteries. Expensive models incorporate longer zoom and larger LCD with excellent clarity in images.


These compact cameras also offer auto intelligence, and they adjust some settings automatically in agreement with the subject matter. It suites confused and learning users who get their head spinning while going through specific settings of DSLRs.

They also come except the touch screen where some virtual buttons help to navigate and carry out settings. These cameras are easy to carry, and they suit style conscious people.

Enthusiast Compact Cameras

High standards of image quality have been of great significance during the innovation of Enthusiast compact cameras models 2017.

They are perfect for users who want the DSLR-like result from small pocket cameras. They work flawlessly with adequate light conditions and settings required for a given situation.

All the performance is incorporated in these cameras typically through the high-quality optic, larger sensor, superior build quality and manual control.

You may wish to take processing in your hands because they are the cheapest cameras to provide RAW recording option. Their high-resolution screens make sure that the overall quality will exactly match DSLRs.

They suit photographers who want to get creative with their photography in low light situations.

Super Zoom Cameras

Superzoom cameras reasonably incorporate full focal range despite their small size. Most superzoom cameras offer manual control over settings like shutter priority option and aperture. You may also set your focus manually which increases your power on images as well as videos.

The most appealing factor in superzoom cameras is their image stabilization system. It is harder to capture images at longer zoom. Therefore, the image stabilizer can decrease manual effort, as well as the number of quality; photo shoots missed by the photographer.

Articulated LCDs are another high up feature of these cameras as you can pull them away from the body. You can take good advantage of them while shooting in bright light by adjusting them at an angle with least glare. Travelers and outdoor activists love these cameras, but you cannot slip them in your back pocket.

DSLR Cameras

With their incredible image and video quality, they are not anonymous to anybody who is even a little into photography in 2017. They have an APS-c sensor which is slightly smaller than full frame but more extensive than the micro four-thirds sensor.

A conversion of 1.5X is provided to all the mounted lenses to grant some extra reach. Larger sensors make sure that the images are perfect even in low light conditions along with a more extensive dynamic range. They are the only cameras with most extensive accessory range.

Along with a plethora of lens range, they can also incorporate flashguns. They perfectly suit action photography and people who look for experimenting on videos. They are not right with portability issue, though.

Besides, camera type, there are a lot more things that you must keep in your mind while looking for a new camera.

Once you have decided on the camera type you need, it will be time to look for essential features. Here are some prominent features which you can consider while purchasing a particular camera. Some of these features and their importance are mentioned here for your assistance.

Are Megapixels Everything?

One of the most prominent features which make a camera to sell immediately is megapixels. It was a big deal a few years back when a single megapixel added to any camera was blasting in the market.

However, we can see tens of cameras being introduced into the market each year, but all of them have at least five megapixels. Therefore, it will not be a big deal. The upper-end range of these cameras is not so crucial to obtain because it can instead add into your disadvantages.

You will like to have exceptional quality images but not on account of large precious space on your computer or memory card.

One of the central questions which you have to inquire while deciding about megapixels is “will you print your images”? If you have to print them at a standard size, then 4 megapixels will be enough. However, you have to look for something extra if you want to blow your images at the plus large size.

Never Let Go of Extras

The quoted price for any camera may not be its final price for you as you may have to purchase some extras. These extras include

  • Camera case.
  • Lenses.
  • Filter.
  • Spare batteries.
  • Monopods / tripods.
  • Memory cards.
  • Reflectors.
  • External flashes.


types of cameras


You may get some discount on the inclusion of these items, therefore, check out the final price. They will also change the final price significantly so never forget to ask for extras and their prices while looking for economic purchase.

Optical Zoom

Not all zoom are the same on any camera.

You will see two types of zoom listed in your camera’s specifications but how will you know the meaning behind these numbers. Let us explain. You will see two specs about zoom which include optical zoom and digital zoom.

It is highly recommended to look for optical zoom as a preferred specification. Digital zoom is meant to make your image bigger which can give your image much appear “noisier.” That is as you can see you face once you get closer to the TV.

However, optical zoom is the thing which you must look for as most cameras incorporate it as at least 5X zoom. You will see enough cameras having their optical zoom touch the figure of 30X these days. They are perfect for wildlife photography if you take it to come in combination with image stabilization.

Image Stabilization

Image stabilization is instead a confusing subject for most camera users. The image stabilizer is considered to be useless with cameras having high shutter speed like 1/500 of a second or more. That is because high shutter speed cancels out any handshaking that you may have done during the image capturing process.

However, you may need it while working in low light conditions where you cannot increase shutter speed. It will come in handy while shooting at sunrise or sunset.

Indoor photography does not allow the photographer to increase his shutter speed; therefore, you will need image stabilization at that point too. It has great importance for beginners because no one can carry a tripod everywhere.

Now you can buy the Best Camera with confidence

We have given importance to cameras in our lives, and it seems like we are never getting enough of them. There is a camera on your laptop and two cameras on your mobile phone. You may also have a tablet with two cameras which never get used. They are not enough though.

A specialized camera for high-quality images and videos is necessary for those who want every picture to be perfect. Compact cameras may end up in your camera collection, but they count when it comes to the group of memories.

Guide for Cameras

Enormous numbers of cameras introduce the market regularly. Do buyers need a definitive dictum on which they can base their cheap camera purchase but where to get it? Well, you are at the right place as we offer complete review about great cameras and their detailed features as well as specifications.

Every camera is thoroughly analyzed according to its target market to address our readers. Our guides discern different features of cameras which revolutionize your photographic experience as well as image quality.

Even though camera purchase is a significant investment for professional photographers as well as apprentices, we have made it easier for you. Now you do not have to stand in a shop and look at the face of the shopkeeper to enlighten you with the right knowledge.

You can see all the efficient camera models here. We have added detailed descriptions as well as their advantages and disadvantages for photographers.

Categorise Your Priorities with types of cameras

Before you surf the internet for finding the right camera, you must know your needs. You must figure out the type of photography you will be doing like indoor, landscape, wildlife or just family photography. These filters will let you enter the right kind of camera pool to search an ideally suited camera.

Confusing Details with types of cameras

Most beginners in the field of photography go nuts about confusing details of different types of cameras. A person who came to this market green handed will never know photography terms like focal length, aperture, ISO, shutter speed and even digital as well as optical zooms.

No problem! We have provided every single detail about these specifications in our reviews. You can see which camera will suit your needs as we explain every feature according to camera users.

If you want to get hold of a good camera and memorable moments of your life, then do not waste time. It is time for action. Read detailed reviews here and get your dream camera right now.

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