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This Travel Around The World Blog explains how to travel some cities in the world. We all want to visit the whole world by visiting every big attraction. And adding it to our memories but, you have to plan for it before finalizing anything.

I can tell you here the experience I had while travel around the world blog. And what should be done by you to get the ultimate experience without any hiccups.

USA Tour

The USA is like a 2nd home for me. My family lives there from ages. And I always wished that I will visit the country along with them. Besides, enjoy the attractions always were bragged by the people of America.

First and foremost, I have to tell you that I am a very crazy person who loves to visit every attraction which has people in it but not making much noise. Some people will be shocked to hear this. But if you ask me, then this is the truth.

Disney World Florida

Travel Around The World Blog

I wanted to start my travel around the world blog by visiting one of my favorite place of the world named Disney World Florida.

This place is not just a place for kids. But for every person who wants to live their life to the extreme. Not only the rides of this place are of a varied kind. But the environment is crowded and calm. Which I told you above is my place of liking.

When I went there, I have been by hit by lots of options. Which I think were my type of rides.

One of the rides which I loved to enjoy was toy story ride. It is one of the most top rated movies from Disney. And then making a trip related, who would be reluctant to enjoy it.

Travel Around The World Blog

I enjoyed it a lot and thought that I could enjoy a lot of rides like this. Which could represent the movies of Disney. But then if you know Disney world is a huge place. Which is the most prominent amusement park in the world.

So, I thought I could not have been able to visit all the places here. As I didn’t have much time. So, I just had some other rides in the water world. And then I decided to leave the park as it was getting foggy.

I went to the USA on one week’s holiday. So I had to make the plan. A plan in a way where I can not only visit every big attraction of the USA (which possible would be in different cities) but also spend some time with family.

After leaving Disney, I thought that there should be some change in the place we visit now than Disney. So, I packed the bags and moved to New York. In NY we could visit the statue of liberty. Also, see the icon which has the history behind it.

Statue of liberty

For those of you, who are not familiar with this place, it situates in New York City on the island type place. You can see it from across the city. For visiting, you need to go there by sitting on a ship and then it takes you there.

You can also go inside the statue. But I preferred only to visit this place from outside and get to know the environment and the history behind it.

It was a changing and healthy experience after the trip to Disney. Who still is one of my favorite places in the world. For adding memory while traveling around the world blog, this place could be one of the most visited in the world.

I was in New York so; I thought that why not visit every big attraction in this city before leaving. Gladly, Times Square was here who can be called the place where you will have the people from every country and age group.

Travel Around The World BlogSeeing the led all around you with the advertisements of companies and news, you imagine it like you are not in a city but a movie.

I being the tech geek, was very much in love with that place and I enjoyed a lot.

To be fair, USA is full of attractions and surprises, but a person who visits the place should have the assets and time behind him which sadly I had not.

So I spent the rest four days with family and talked to them and remembered all the memories we had together.

From Seven days I had, I spent already six days. So, I thought that before leaving the country there should be a significant conclusion which I can take along with myself.

I think the white house would be the best conclusion for my visit to the USA. As that is the building of the leader of USA and gladly, doesn’t have many restrictions for visiting it.

The White House

When I went there, I honestly realized that why this place is the most secure in the world. The agents and the hard core structure of the building make it not only safe but also beautiful for visitors.

I shot many pictures of the white house, and though they offer inside tour of the white house, I preferred not to. Differently, I would not have been able to leave it without some disappointments which I did want.

Anyway, so this was my short and cute visit to the white house, and then I packed my bag and said bye to a family who was hoping against hope that I could have spent more time there, but I didn’t have much time in my bag which I can utilize.

Travel around the world blog was my purpose and I started the travel with the bang. I am happy that I had some time and money in my pocket which I used and added a lot of memories to my memory bank. But I planned to travel around the world blog so, it was just a start of my travel, so I had to save the money and time.

Pakistan Tour

Many of you will be shocked realizing that I being from Pakistan didn’t start the travel around the world blog from Pakistan but, what is the point of traveling in the same country where you are residing.

We all know that we love where we live. But I also like to visit every place. Due to being in love with the whole world I wanted to visit some of the attractions in Pakistan too.

There are some places here which can be called to be one of the best places where not only locals but the people from across the globe come.

For those of you who are not familiar much with this country, you are going to love this place to the extreme.

If you also have planned to travel around the world blog, then you should not be hesitation before coming here. In Pakistan, you will be faced with lots of attractions and also the cultures which will expand your view of the world.


I started my travel in Pakistan from Karachi. This city is the most significant city in the country with the most significant population. Having lots of people, it does seem like you are living in some congested area but believe me. Sometimes it feels good.

It had its problems, but mostly I enjoyed myself. Firstly I went to Clifton beach, which is the only beach in the country. You will see many people there enjoying their time and using much of the cold present there. Karachi is a hot country, that’s why the beach is an ideal thing there for the people.

When I went to the beach, I saw many people enjoying their time by either sitting on the shore or by riding the camel, which is one of the most popular things of that beach. You don’t have to pay a lot of money to ride that.

Currently, only 100 rupees PKR is needed to ride that for almost a kilometer. The guide will hold the rope of the camel, and you will sit on top of a camel to relax.

To be fair, I am terrified of these things, but I realized that I have to do it to get the ultimate experience. When I sat on that, as usual, the camel was moving in a way, which was making my bowel running up and down.

When it happened to me, I felt like sick, and I asked the guide to slow it up. But, the man said it is already too slow. Anyway, I managed myself and tried to enjoy a lot.

If for instance, you come here for travel around the world blog, then I would highly recommend you all ride the camel. If you are not in love with that, then for people like you there is a new thing named cart riding.

Ride the cart

This electronically made cart will give you the experience like you are in Dubai safari, and you are riding a Four wheeler cart. The experience will be same, but the location will be different as it is not the desert but the beach.

If you are new to Karachi then, let me tell you that in this place you don’t get the time to manage the thing as the time passes here so quickly.

I ran from the beach and thought that before it gets dark, I should make the most of my travel around the world blog. From there I went to Aladdin Park which is the most prominent amusement park in the city. As we enjoyed our time in Disney world Florida, I hoped this would give me the pleasure at almost the same level.

It had some rides which were top notch, but mostly it did nothing. The park was an ideal place for young kids but people like me, it didn’t have much. Still, it was an excellent experience but not as we did in the USA.

In Karachi the dark comes quickly so, I finished my trip to Karachi and for making much of my travel around the world blog, should go to another city which can add to my experience.

I had heard much about the city of Lahore in Pakistan. Due to the development here, and also the environment which is healthier than Karachi.

I planned that let`s do that and decide our self what the rumors are saying.

I took the plane and went to Lahore. In Lahore, you will interact with past and the future at the same time. There will be some tombs and castles which will admire you, and there will be some high tech building which will open its arms to welcome you.


Firstly, I went to SHAHI QILA which is an old and beautiful fort. Made from red blocks, it is one of the most beautiful buildings I ever saw.

By visiting this fort, I realized that we had come too far forward that we forgot our past which we should not have.

I spent much of my time here and tried to go in the past to see what the time was when made and how the people used to live there.

For adding much knowledge about my history, I went to the tomb of ALLAMA IQBAL. If you don’t know then, he is the famous poet and the idealist who saw the dream of Pakistan`s creation. He was the philosopher and regards a lot in this country. I have heard about him too a lot, and I appreciate him a right place.

Just by visiting the tomb I went flashing in the past and saw and tried to realize what was the time when this dream was and how this country came to creation when all the things were saying against it.

Anyway, from there I thought that this country could not visit the attractions here are a lot and I don’t have much time. So, to conclude the visit, I went to some local zoo to get familiar with the people who know about this city.

As all the zoos of the world, the zoo of Lahore was casual and calming. Healthy and hardcore animals were amusing the people and adding to their memory the experience which they could not have got until went to the jungle.

I concluded my trip to Pakistan by leaving the zoo and went to the hotel to pack up.

Australia Tour

If you want to travel around the world blog then, do you ever chance upon any “interesting” creatures? A genuinely necessary inquiry the gathering gets from the general population we meet on the road. Giving the appropriate response in style with would be amazing.

Oh yes, yesterday we battled against a tribe of crocodiles, and today we have been encompassed by super perilous snakes no under three times. But then we would all the while lie.

In my previous time in travel around the world blog, we didn’t have much experience like we got here. We see a ton of creatures however then it’s mostly kangaroos, dairy animals, stallions and winged animals of different sorts.

Vast numbers of them, particularly the kangaroos and bovines are shockingly dead due to the overwhelming activity.

When you see all these dead creatures and feel the terrible scent, it helps you to remember the most unsafe thing we posture our self. That is when we forget how much stress these creatures spent in their last seconds of life

Jungle Travel Around The World Blog

We must be more watchful than the poor kangaroos. Then we have the flies. Australia isn’t that populated as far as individuals. However, it’s the contrary with regards to flies.

Little, unyielding, to a significant degree irritating and numerous they are. If you have planned for travel around the world blog, it is difficult to try and attempt to check what number are free-riding on our bodies. Also, when riding and when to stop for eating it’s for the most part at its worst.

Irritating of great degree theses flies freely ride on our bodies whenever we are riding or when we are sitting for lunch. If you have planned for travel around the world blog, then you should prepare for this

In Sweden, we as a whole knew how “hard” it can be to have one fly that declines to surrender. Here we have no less than 15 of them that are continually humming around your head and need to get at you, nose, ears or mouth.

I don’t know what you will say or do to get rid of these files, but you have to prepare for it mentally.

Not exactly ideal when the sustenance ought to devour. In any case, by one means or different you get into it, trust it or not.

For my travel around the world blog, I have remained a week in Australia. At this very moment where most of the day comprised of cycling in the wild where a couple of things have been particularly invigorating for the faculties.


However, some of the time we got weak while cycling for 120km. we got to know that the water is going to run out of our body and we will stand without any help

We have no clue if these structures even exist and what they bring to the table if that is the situation. The main thing we know is that we are parched, ravenous and tired.

We chose to go for it! Soon after, we have the most significant field we’ve ever observed on either side of us, and later we could observe something in front of us that resembled some human progress, a little one.

The nearer we got to the hills we came across to the waters

A couple of kilometers progressively and all of a sudden we see a gathering of steeds. Stallions need to drink water!? we had to stop to make the horses drink their water, and we also fill our needs

It could have been a delusion. However, that isn’t the situation this time when we understand that we have gone to a ranch. When we touch base at the door, we instantly welcome Sarah, who runs the place.

Understandably, we can top off how much water we need, and just there tears of satisfaction are going to fall. A couple of minutes after the fact this magnificent lady welcomed us. She let us camp on the homestead. Also, offer us a shower and greet us to go to at the supper that serves an hour later.

Without scarcely saw how this went to a sudden. We sit with a gathering of her staff. They deal with the ranch and eat marinade steak, potato and a beautiful plate of mixed greens.

The body and particularly our psyches load with joy. To likewise get the opportunity to camp on a soft field of grass was a reward worth celebrating!

How did this happen!?

These occasions, for example, these are not happening each day. That would have been too simple, wouldn’t it? It would likewise be unimaginable because we don’t pass places like these regularly.

Instead, we encompassed nothing more often than not in the outback.

Travel Around The World Blog

Be that as it may, very regularly when we experience individuals in this nation we are looked with unimaginable neighborliness and eagerness to deal with us in the ideal way.

I had a lot of good experience here and planned that is a lot of my experience for this year.

I want to say that, every person should make the most of their time they get. It is not necessary that you should visit only the countries which regard well in the book. Sometimes the least understood gives the best experience.

Robert Lee

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