Sony W800 Review

This incredible camera Sony W800/B 20.1 MP can slip right into your pocket in a minimum price just for capturing the most precious moment of your life.

Are you waiting for your child to take his first step? Is it your first anniversary or first birthday after getting married? Are you planning your baby’s first day out or a vacation with old friends? No matter what the upcoming moment is; Sony W800/B 20.1 MP has the propensity to prove itself as your best buddy. It is lighter in your pocket, and it gets you closer to distant things with the help of 5x optical zoom.

sony w800

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Specifications of Sony W800/B

sony w800Easy to use Sony w800/B has the following specifications as mentioned by company:

  • 1 MP 1/2.3″ Super HAD CCD Sensor.
  • 10x digital zoom and 5x optical zoom lens.
  • HD video 720p at 30fps.
  • Sweep Panorama 360 degrees.
  • Equivalent 35mm Focal Length: 36 – 130mm.
  • Colour: black and silver.
  • File formats: JPEG, AVI, and MP3.
  • Shooting modes: high sensitivity, gourmet, beach, landscape, night portrait, pet mode, night scene, snow, and portrait.
  • Self-timer is 10 seconds and two seconds.

Main features

It has never been so accessible and enjoyable to take perfect pictures with elaborate emotions and splash of multiple colours. Sony w800 has made it possible by offering high-tech features in simplified methods.

You do not even have to care about reading the long and tedious manual of a camera because it has an inbuilt manual to help you at every stage. This pocket camera comes with many other great features described below.

Goodbye blur images

Do not have a steady hand for taking pictures? You do not have to worry anymore because image stabilisation feature of Sony w800/B will make your photos more clear.

You can choose the perfect picture even if your child is not staying still for you. Playing pets and children do not have to miss the best memory pictures of their lives because Sony w800/B will fix everything. An active mode of image stabilisation compensates for both vertical and horizontal camera movements.

Capture all the possible smiles

A camera is all about capturing moments so why miss smiles? You do not have to struggle to get a smile on your kid’s face for just one picture.

sony w800

Sony w800 tends to capture smiles as soon as they happen automatically. All you have to do is press the smile shutter button and leave the rest of work to camera.

230k dot monitor

230k dot screen in 2.7 inch LCD provides five stops for light control which helps you to view your image in all sorts of lighting conditions.

It also displays a grid to provide better understanding while composing your photos.

720p HD movie mode

You can shoot high definition 1280 x 720 movies with the help of full optical zoom option for 29 minutes. This camera provides high definition at 30fps, and you can transfer these videos to your computer for uploading them to your favourite social media website.

Artistic shots with excellent picture effects

Sony w800 bestows life to ordinary portraits and images. You can heighten the mood or enhance specific other forces to create the perfect picture out of just standard view.

The camera arrives with a variety of creative options like four modes for movies, four methods for still images and three additional styles for your panoramic shots.

Camera guide helps new users

New photographers can purchase this as the best buddy because it has a guide for every single function. You do not have to read the manual to search a particular feature of your camera because Sony w800 provides an in-camera search option. Type whatever you are looking for and see your results.

Easy mode option

Do not want to go into the detailed features? No problem! Turn on the easy mode in your Sony W800 and get it all straightforward and easy to understand. This method omits specific layers of functions and provides a general style for easy use.

360-degree sweep panorama

Do you want to capture a full landscape? No worries because you have to press the shutter button and sweep the camera while Sony W800 will capture images and then stitch them together for a whole landscape. You can get even more creative images with the help of 36 degrees panorama.

Pros and cons of Sony W800/B

Not everything is perfect in this world on earth, but everything also has immensely significant benefits too. Same is the case of Sony w800/B. Therefore, its Pros and Cons are below.

Sony W800 Review


  • The first advantage of Sony w800 is its lightweight. You can carry it anywhere you want without any hitch. This feature makes it the perfect travelling camera.
  • Who can forget the quality of being cheap for any camera? Just $78 can get you this excellent camera to help you with your image capturing skills as wells as the craze of moment capturing.
  • It provides easy USB charging for travellers who do not want to carry extra cords just for charging different appliances. Plug in the data cable in your laptop and get it fully charged.
  • 1 MP is quiet enough for a pocket camera, and no other camera provides this feature for such a low price as Sony W800/B. It captures sharper, precise and still images with a little splash of fun added for a photographer.


Cons of Sony w800 are not very prominent among all the great and beneficial features. It is not as perfect as the professional photographer’s camera, but it provides enough features for beginners.

The only problem which you can face in this camera is its low light performance which cannot provide same stunning images at night as compared to those taken in the daytime.

sony w800

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Why should you buy this camera?

After reading all the above outstanding details about Sony W800/B, there is no reason for a potential buyer to ignore it. It presents the original value for your money regarding a perfect pocket camera.

You can take it your holiday trip and make it the most memorable one. You can use it in daily routine at your home for capturing every single happy moment of your family.

Its price is nothing for such a beautiful product in your hands.

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