Sony SLT-A58K

This Sony Alpha SLT A58K Review compares the Sony Alpha SLT A58 Digital SLR Camera which allows you to capture decisive moments with perfection. Sony SLT-A58K allows you to capture decisive moments with perfection like a professional. Now, you will never have regrets regarding your images because always come with great achievement with the help of this camera. Sony SLT-A58K has provided a pure blend of features like technology. Features comfort and user-friendliness.

Replacing old versions with Sony Alpha SLT A58K Review

This cam replaces the A37 and A57. This camera has unique features to make photography simple. So you can use it for sure to learn photography. Besides, the A58 accommodates features for the more experienced people.

in this review, we will check the quality, features and personal thoughts of it.

Curves in the structure of Sony SLT-A58K allow you to handle it with great care while you capture stunning images. Handling of any DSLR camera is also necessary for travelers.

This fact is because a camera like this must not slip from his hands. Also, proper handling makes sure that it lowers the chances of blur due to camera shake.

Sony Alpha SLT A58K Review

On one hand, the body is made of an old plastic shell with a rubber grip and rubber thumb rest. Secondly, the lens mount material is plastic. Consequently, you might think that is a poor material easy to break. However, the mount is robust and last longer. Furthermore, this camera is robust and difficult to break.

On the other hand, on the top of the Sony A58 you have a Sony multi-interface show that allows you to place compatible accessories.

Sony Alpha SLT A58 Digital SLR Camera Top

The camera possesses  SD slot on the right-hand side, a speaker for video playback, mic input, mini HDMI, multi-port terminal and DC input.

The Sony A58 is light compared to other competitors. In addition, you can hold the camera comfortably dut to its rubber materials. Consequently, do not worry about handling the camera for long periods of time.

As a matter of fact, you can use the tilting LCD screen or the viewfinder depending on the situation.

Specifications of Sony SLT-A58K

Main specifications of Sony SLT-A58K below:

  • One optical sensor resolution.
  • 3x optical zoom.
  • 15 autofocus points.
  • CMOS photosensor technology.
  • Average battery life is 690 photos per charge.
  • Extended ISO range is from 100 to 25,600.
  • Wireless technology.
  • Fully articulated LCD.
  • Full HD 1080 p video recording.
  • Optical image stabilization.
  • 08 pounds weight.
  • Optional remote control.
  • LCD viewfinder and 5,456 maximum horizontal resolution.

For full video and photo test, we have the statistics below.

You will have to get used to the menu navigation. nevertheless, Sony provides a HELP button to teach you the basics of photography. Also, using the DISPLAY button will help you.


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