Sony A77 II Digital SLR Camera Review

First of all, Sony A77 II is the point where DSLR technology strikes new balances between price, features, functionality, and responsiveness. Sony bases this camera on its performance with continuous shooting mode. As said by professionals; Sony A77 II is one of the few cameras which know how to shoot successfully in continuous shooting mode.

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Moreover, continuous shooting performance has made A77II as one of the most appreciated action/sports cameras. Also, continuous autofocus and shooting speed of Sony A77 II has done it to stand in line between pro-level DSLRs meant for this purpose. Besides, the A77II have some limitations though, none of them can act as a deal breaker.

Furthermore, the A77II successfully keep up with movie recording at 12 frames per second to make sure that the photographer does not miss even a single moment. Inbuilt Wi-Fi and NFC guarantee broad appeal for this camera in the whole market.

Similarly, you can now capture your images more determinedly than ever before. Likewise, the fastest shooting speed of 12 frames per second delivers with 79 point phase detection autofocus just for subject tracking. Therefore, this stage makes sure that your subject will remain in focus no matter how fast he moves.

Sony A77 II

No other DSLR of this range can give such stunning detailed pictures with 24 megapixels. You can also share these photos whenever you want with the help of inbuilt Wi-Fi and near field connection.

Specifications of Sony A77 II

Although Sony requests not to compare Sony A77 II with any pro camera, we have found it efficient enough. For its price you can get this highly sophisticated camera with all the high tech features a novice photographer can desire to have. All these features pack behind a hard plastic body and lather like the finish on the grip area.

Sony A77 II

Sony A77 II along with 16mm f2.8 will make around four pounds in weight. Hanging such a burden may wear out your neck, but it is worth the quality features which you get in return. Some essential technical functions of the Sony A77 II below.

  • Optical sensor resolution: 24 megapixels.
  • 3X optical zoom and 2X digital zoom.
  • Optical sensor technology: CMOS.
  • Minimum shutter speed of 30 seconds and a maximum shutter speed of 1/ 8000 of a second.
  • 15 autofocus points.
  • Average battery life of 480 photos.
  • Continuous shooting speed of 12 frames per second.
  • Fully articulated LCD.
  • Expanded ISO range 50 t0 51200.
  • Flash sync speed of 1/ 250 of a second.
  • Mini HDMI and built-in flash.
  • Weather resistant.
  • 1080p full HD video making.
  • Two methods of sensor cleaning.
  • Sensor-shift shake-off.
  • Charge-protected coating.
  • Bionz X processor.
  • Maximum horizontal resolution: 6000.
  • Interchangeable lens.
  • Sensor-shift image autofocus.

Features of Sony A77 II

Here are some essential elements of Sony A77 II with detail.

Highest lifetime points in the world

The 79 point phase detection autofocus of Sony is what makes Sony A77 II the most excellent deal than all. Fifteen autofocus points among them are a cross type, and they place in the most commonly used central area of the sensor. These AF points help in focusing even when the subject horizontal.

These autofocus points even work in moonlit night to shoot perfect photos when the subject is poorly visible to naked eye.

Continuous shooting speed of 12 frames per second honestly reports every single moment during video making process. Sony A77 II tends to outperform more expensive rivals when we talk about continuous focus at 12 fps and 24 MPs.

Area specification noise reduction

Sony A77 II has an ISO sensitivity range of 100 to 25600 for low light shootings and faster shutters speed. You will get less grain and more detailed images with progressive high tech area-specific noise reduction.

Sony A77 II gives complete control of settings in your hand while shooting videos. You can set your shutter and aperture according to your priorities. You can now shoot noisier videos in your settings like smooth 60p, cinematic 24p, and standard 60i. A full HD resolution is also available with 1080p resolution.

Long shutter life

Sony A77 II has a screen unit which you can consider highly durable and reliable. It can endure 150000 shutter releases in its lifetime. This point ensures lifetime durability and long-lasting performance.

Sony A77 II

Pros and cons of A77II

To provide you with an honest opinion, we have objectively gathered some current and negative points of A77II. These are the must-know points before purchasing Sony A77 II because they will save you from disappointment later on.

Sony A77 II

Pros of Sony A77 II

  • Newly improved autofocus builds on Sony’s technology a6000’s AF.
  • Swiveling and versatile LCD makes it easier for photographers to capture multiple shots.
  • This camera is a mid-sized DSLR with weather-resistant magnesium alloy body.
  • Continuous autofocus and image stabilization is incorporated while making full HD 1080p videos with Sony A77 II.
  • Continuous autofocus can remain active while taking up to 60 JPEGs at the speed of 12 frames per second.

Cons of Sony A77 II

  • Images appear to be noisier at high sensitivity settings as compared to other DSLRs of this category.
  • Your control of shutter speed and aperture will compromise you while shooting at 12 frames per second.
  • Sony A77 II may take a little extra time in saving after making a long burst of photos.

Why should you buy the A77 II?

One of the reasons to purchase the Sony A77 II is the additional explicit photos taken by 24 megapixels CMOS sensor. The most appreciated feature of Sony A77 II is its autofocus which remains intact in all kinds of situations where other lack behind. You must purchase a Sony A77 II if you are an action or sports photographer.

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The Sony A77 II is a must buy. The A77 II has a superb subject tracking, high megapixels, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

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