Samsung WB350F Review

Here it is the Samsung WB350F Review. Samsung is a leader when it comes to smartphone manufacturing. However, strong Japanese brands like Sony, Canon, and Nikon overshadowed it by the in-camera market.

However, this situation could not stop Samsung from bringing in a breakthrough product in the market by the name of Samsung WB350F.

Samsung WB350F Review

The two main series of Samsung cameras are point and shoot cameras and smart mirrorless camera. Mirrorless cameras include the products like NX series.

This camera had successfully captured attention when everyone’s primer attention was developments in DSLR and MILC.

In this Samsung WB350F Review, we show how this Samsung WB350F is the most appealing new development in the field of point and shot cameras. It is a slim camera with last zoom option for travelers and novice photographers.

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Samsung WB350F has been the number one choice of many ‘point and shoot’ camera lovers due to its zoom option and availability of many different apps. It’s Wi-Fi, and NFC feature has also made many photographers fall in love with it.

You will find all these arguments valid once you have a detailed look at its features and specifications mentioned in the Samsung WB350F Review below:

Main Specifications of Samsung WB350F

Samsung WB350FBuilt-in specs have made Samsung WB350F as the best one of its type.

  • Optical sensor resolution: 16.3 Mega Pixels.
  • Maximum shutter speed: 0.0005 seconds.
  • 3-inch touchscreen LCD.
  • Maximum horizontal resolution: 4608.
  • Maximum focal length: 483mm.
  • Optical zoom 21x.
  • Digital zoom 5x.
  • Built-in flash.
  • Maximum Aperture: ƒ/2.8.

Main Features of Samsung WB350F

Samsung WB350F

There is nothing ordinary in Samsung WB350F including its quality of pictures, technology, and looks. It is the best mate for people who have craze of making and sharing photos over the internet.

Next generation Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity has made it stand out among all the rush of smartphones and point and shoot cameras.

Any photographer cannot pass by Samsung WB350F on the internet or real life without having the urge of purchasing it. It has some excellent features which no smartphone can ever think of providing even in recent technological advancement.

16.3 Mega Pixels – Samsung WB350F Review

Its sensor is 16.3 megapixels with backside illuminated CMOS sensor. This sensor makes sure that your camera will capture the best quality image even in low light conditions.

All of this is with quick focus which is better than any conventional camera in the market. Your images will become correctly exposed and sharp even if the light is low.

Compose Your Shots in Wide Touch Display

Just flip your Samsung WB350F camera, and you will see a three-inch hybrid touch screen at your service. This interactive screen will help you to compose your pictures and review them with all the possible comfort.

Samsung WB350F Review

Display of Samsung WB350F has a hybrid interface with the help of which you have all the choice to either use your fingers or a five-way button for navigation.

Wide-Angle Lens and 21x Zoom

Samsung WB350F

It doesn’t matter whether your subject is close to you or it is at a distance. You can always use the optical 21x zoom of Samsung WB350F to capture the moments of your life just the way you saw them.

You will not have to say the line ‘it was even better in real’ again because your pictures will make your memories from now on.

Whether you want to snap your kid playing football in a significant ground or you want to capture the field of colorful flowers, 23mm wide angle lens of Samsung WB350F will help you to take the best photo.

1080 Full HD Video Recording

Your videos will never be slow or lousy quality from now on because Samsung WB350F is here to help you. It tends to capture lifelike videos which give the feeling as if the events are happening right in front of you.

H.264 is the format for videos recorded by Samsung WB350F which can register for more time as compared to the MJPEG.

Available in Five Different Colours

Choose the one which you want to have on your trip or at home. You can also match the camera’s colors with your next summer casual costume.

Five available colors include black, white, brown, blue and red. These colors have made this camera a perfect choice for girls.

Share Your Files with Auto Share

If you have an NFC-compatible tablet or smartphone, then you do not have to worry about saving your pictures because they can be sent directly to your phone.

You can share them right after capturing just with over a Wi-Fi connection.

Pros and Cons of Samsung WB350F

Samsung WB350F

Advantages of Samsung WB350F can go filling numerous pages, but the only line to summarise them is that it is the best value for your money.

Some filtered advantages are given below for curious creatures:

Pros – Samsung WB350F Review

  • Wirelessly connect the camera with any nearby device with enabled Samsung link.
  • Share images with just one tap on your NFC compatible smartphone.
  • Just selecting your PC backup function on Samsung WB350F will upload all the files and photos to your computer or MAC automatically.
  • A classic camera design with all the modern features
  • It lets you capture photos and video at the same time by just clicking the button.

Cons – Samsung WB350F Review

The only disadvantage which you can find is fewer megapixels as compared to other competitors but digital as well as optical zooming effect cover up this lag.

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Samsung WB350F Review

Why Should You Buy Samsung WB350F?

Samsung WB350F

In this progressive world of smartphones, people have got their attention diverted from the point and shot compact cameras. This fact is because smartphones provide enough photos which can fit in their pockets.

However, there are times when you need to have a particular camera lens and its specific features. The most prominent difference lies in zoom options.

You should buy a Samsung WB350F if you want to take astounding pictures with the ultra-zoom option.

These cameras also have some additional features to assist you in taking pictures, and they can replace smartphone cameras due to their inbuilt Wi-Fi options.

So, do not waste time and get benefit from discount offers on Samsung WB350F and purchase for enhancing your picture qualities.


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