Real Estate Photography that helps to sell

If what you want is to sell your property online, real estate photography should be the first thing you do. This article is for those who want to buy the property or feel attraction. You must be aware that many times this market is very competitive. And there are many distractions for potential buyers that you can exceed.

For that reason, you have to be capable of allowing that everything that is worth the property can be visualized in a photo because it is one of the first ways in which your possible clients will want to see the product, a picture worth more than a thousand words.

The more high-quality images we made, the better to capture the attention of the audience. It is especially important to do that because many people rely on the internet to show the first impression.

Attractive and high-quality images help to catch the attention of buyers. So, you can get the purchase price you deserve from your property.

So the question is: Do you think that real estate photography can help you to sell your house? Of course, but not as a vast majority of real estate agents. 90% of the real estate photography that we find online does not meet the requirements to catch the attention.


Real Estate Photography

The photographs that we made with mobile phones, poorly focused photos, photos of rooms that do not interest. Also, pictures with sufficient brightness, and in most cases images made quickly and running. Because you have to upload the property as soon as possible to the Internet. That is what in most of the cases stop you from selling your property successfully.


Only Quality Real Estate Photography

Quality real estate photography does help a lot to generate more and better requests for information. However, the low quality of the photos of a property is what creates little interest and leaves the real estate agent or agency as another ordinary seller.

Today, the majority of online searches that we do with mobile devices with high image resolution. We can say the same with PC resolution cards. When you see good photos on the internet, a bad image or real estate photography that do not have the required quality disappoints.

In summary, the quality of real estate photography is what helps to get requests for information, but it does not sell the property on its own, you need an attractive description, (full of non-characteristic benefits), to accompany those photos. And if you also record a quality video, you will sell your property faster.

So you need photos or video, plus the pleasing description of the property you are selling. You need the two elements and each one with the right quality.

Some Recommendations to make an excellent Real Estate Photography

The ideal thing you can do when you are going to take an excellent Real Estate Photography would be to hire a professional, but suppose you are walking with few economic resources and you have a good camera with which you can make some good photographs. Let’s see how you can make good photos that catch the attention of potential clients.

Include in the photo the environment

Understand the environment that surrounds the property is essential to understand the value of it. It is as important to show the details of the house, as to visualize the context. A widespread failure presented in real estate photography.

What often impacts the photographs, is the fact that natural colors in their perfect combination, make the essential game for a photo

Real Estate Photography

If your property has a garden, flowers and other striking spaces, include them in the photo and this way you will inevitably attract much more clients and views.

Use a wide-angle lens

When you are working to take a picture, you must have to take into account the angular objective of it and include other purposes so that you can get different perspectives of interiors and exteriors.

More expenses? Yes, you have to invest to win, but I assure you that if you choose perfectly the objectives that you are going to include, you will surely have a great sale in less than you think.

Use what looks imperfect to make perfect photos

People shoot photos in automatic mode and as the camera does not detect enough light for the photo to be properly exposed, the flash fires on its own.

The result? Reflections and flashes in mirrors, tiles and metal elements such as taps in bathrooms and kitchens. Small or large areas burned in those elements and the rest of the scene completely dark.

Many times in a real estate photograph you should take advantage of those natural and spontaneous images that were given as if by magic, but these images are what sometimes hit what you wanted to do, so we recommend that in a moment of shots and photographs, use an automatic mode where the photos shoot themselves, you can get great results.

Be careful with the contrast of brightness between the interior and the exterior

Take the picture from the right angle. When you take pictures and have a window, in most cases the difference in brightness between the outside and inside is so great that your camera is unable to pick up the entire scene correctly.

Real Estate Photography

Photographing from the right angle prevents you from getting some photos in which the windows are completely overexposed that makes the photo a white mass that greatly overshadows the rest of the composition and damages the perspective you are really looking for the photograph.

Think what you are going to do

This part, many people obviate, but if you look closely at what professional photographers do, they will realize that this is the fundamental part of everything. You have to plan the photos. This is the first rule of real estate photography.

You have to get photos from the outside, let the sky look! In the interior what really interests is the kitchen, the terraces and some element that will be distinctive.

Take pictures of all this and then the rest, but before doing so, take a walk around the house and see what you want to capture so that at the time of doing it, everything will be perfect.

Most real estate agencies use private use cameras with automatic configurations to photograph real estate.

These photographs work for properties whose cost is not very high. On the other hand, for large mansions and exclusive and luxury properties, a high-quality photograph is required, since otherwise, the definition of exclusive property would be lost, if the quality of the image is not related to that of the property.

Here, you have to “spend the money” and hire a professional, who also records the video.

The purpose of photography in the sale of real estate

The role of real estate photography is fundamental for the purchase and rental of real estate. In the current market, where the vast majority of real estate buyers begin their search online, that little photo that appears in the directory is the first reason why visitors choose to see that property and not any of the other fifty properties that arise with the same price in the same space.

On the other hand, the photos that people find once they click on that property, are also essential, since they are the ones that invite the person to pick up the phone and create an appointment with you to know the property.

Benefits for the Real Estate Agent

As a real estate agent, there are significant reasons why you should use excellent photographs when offering your properties.

Real Estate Photography

  • Your selling customers will be grateful for how you are presenting your property.
  • The real estate franchise that you have will generally improve your image and give you better prestige to be part of it.
  • It is common knowledge that excellent photographs and promotional materials are a unique way to obtain potential customers.
  • The neighbors of the property that is listed will see how well it appears, and will probably go to the same real estate agent to sell their house when the time comes.
  • If you are competing to appear in a list or directory, or your real estate franchise seeks to create a web page with all the properties, it is likely that the quality of the photograph will make you the one chosen to appear in the middle.

As an expert in promotion, being responsible for selling the properties of your clients, it is crucial that you always keep in mind how you use Real Estate Photography, in a way that maximizes the benefit of taking them, either you or even hiring a professional photographer.

You can translate the quality of the images into sales

In many occasions, we see in the web, photos that people do not see as a result of the low resolution of the same ones that people did with cell phones, as many of them look poorly focused, or upload photographs that really are not of great interest for the users.

At this point, you have to know how to rank and decide which spaces are the most important for users and of course for investors in general, for example, it is not possible to load images of a bathroom but not from a space as valuable as what is the kitchen. It is vital at this point to apply common sense and show people what they really want to see.

It is important that the images in real estate photography will have sufficient luminosity, for which it is recommended to take advantage of natural and artificial light, both are really important to achieve a quality result.

Regarding the time of day when it is more convenient to take the shots, we can say without a doubt that it is during the morning. However, if you have a professional camera and a tripod you can also take pictures of the facade at night, as long as you have the necessary lighting so that you can see the details.

Real Estate Photography

To achieve images that really reflect professionally what the property is and the way it looks it is important that you take into account that time, without it, will be practically impossible for you to achieve a positive result. In many occasions, we speedily receive pictures because it is necessary to attach them to the notice we have made in different real estate portals.

However it should not be so, on the contrary, we recommend that before announcing anywhere the sale or rental of your property, take the picture, so you will not have any trouble, and you can achieve the better result.

Recommendations to make good Pictures

We do not doubt that real estate photography when is with quality, it can generate more and better requests for information, and if combined with video marketing or email real estate marketing will have even better results. Whereas, on the contrary, when we use images that are of low quality, what is going to generate is that people do not have enough interest and it will merely make the real estate agents remain as one of the bunch.

Today, most of the searches that people do via the web are carried out through smartphones, which have high image resolution, that is why the images must be of high-quality because in some cases the smartphones have a better resolution than the computers themselves.

Today there are many real estates offers on the web, so to be able to stand out from the rest. You will need your ad to be striking, and photographs could be the easiest way to achieve it. Besides that, as we mentioned, today there are excellent images online, so if you upload a real estate photograph that is of low quality, simply users will feel very disappointed.

To summarize this point, the quality of real estate photography is what is really going to help you to achieve a higher number of requests for information.

Real Estate Photography

However, what we have said is that good images will merely help to sell; since an excellent photographic report of a property; in particular, assume that at least ten images, will not be able to sell a property on its own.

Remember that it will also be necessary to accompany them with a description that is attractive. And that is also full rather than benefits characteristics, which should be the ideal company of the photos.

What is basic equipment essential to start making a Real Estate Photograph?

At the time of making a real estate photography, we will need a camera with manual controls. The camera will allow us to solve the problems of lack of light that we find when we are photographing interiors.

And interchangeable lenses, which will enable us to alternate a wide-angle lens with a lens of a standard focal distance.

There are several types of cameras with these characteristics. I recommend SLR cameras because of their versatility. Their standardization, a great variety of accessories, there is a lot of accessible information and because of its value for money.

Real Estate Photography

Any of the output models of the major brands of the market: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Sigma, etc. They have more than enough features and capabilities to get started in real estate photography with spectacular results. Depending on our budget we can choose models of a higher range, but as I say, the most basic models of these brands are more than recommended to start.

What should I emphasize when I will make a real estate photograph?

In this part, you can take into account both the macro and the micro; everything depends on the taste and sense that you want to give to your real estate photography. These points that we are going to mention are of the utmost importance for your photo to be a dream:

Light and framing

Most of the time, we dedicate little time and care to make the photographs. The real estate agent arrives at the house. Then, the photographer makes shoots as it is, automatically, and from anywhere.

It is important to pay attention to the light to get attractive images. And evaluate different options with the frame and the height of the camera.

We can play with what is around the house, but we have to clear the space a bit, that it looks ordered. And place some of the element that is already available in a more appropriate place.

It is a fundamental approach, but these aspects that can be applied immediately. And it ends up completely changing the result of the photographs.

Highlight the amplitude

In many real estate portals, both individuals and real estate professionals, only show different angles of the rooms. And when you have just seen the gallery, you have not understood anything.

You do not know what size each room has. How they communicate with each other or what belongs to what because you’re only looking at angles.

You have to bear in mind that the job of whoever takes a real estate photograph is to explain space to a person who cannot see it live at the entrance. And for that, the distribution of each room should be correctly shown, and you highlight the space.

Create environments

An image of a space is much less attractive to a potential buyer. It is better to make a recreation of a pleasant environment that allows you to imagine occupying that place. As evidenced by the rise of home staging.

Real Estate Photography

The creation of environments not only makes it easier to get a better idea of the measures of the stays but also reinforces that invitation to dream that the real estate should offer.

Outdoor photography

Outdoor photography is fundamental especially in the case of single-family homes. It is exciting to include images of the exterior both day and night.

The night photography, also, can show a proper perspective of the entire interior space. If we make it from the garden or from a terrace at the right moment. The light allows us to see the interior without causing reflections on the windows.

In the case of apartments in urban areas, although predominantly the interiors are shown.

At least there should be a photograph of the exterior, of the entire building. And should also take into account what is the best moment of light in each case to make that photograph.

Real Estate Photography

So that the first impression of the building is attractive.

Featured photo

An important aspect is to choose the highlighted photo of the ad. The one that will appear in the listings, and the first one that the prospective buyer will see and remember.

That is why this photo should be the most striking photo of the house. And it can be an interior as the living room or kitchen. Or an exterior in the case of single-family homes. In this case, it is also necessary to consider the night photographs, which can be very attractive.

So, It catches more attention, putting us in the point of view of the prospective buyer. Not thinking about what we like. But It is more interesting for those who still do not know anything about this property.

Number of photos

The most important thing is the explanation of the characteristics of the house. And for that, it is important to show all the rooms. You can skip a storage room or a cupboard, but not the bathroom or kitchen.

And they have to show the rooms so that the viewer can understand the real space. The approximate size of each of them.

Real Estate Photography

Many real estate photographers believe that many photographs are not very necessary to explain a property. It may even be interesting to leave people wanting more. So they want to go see the house and complete the information.

Between 15 and 25 would be ideal. Some studies indicate that when there are many more. The spectator becomes dizzy, saturating and avoid grasping what we want.

All these tips will be useful for the sale of your property is a complete success. Whether you consider hiring a photographer. Or if you are going to take the pictures on your own. You need to have the basic knowledge of what you really want to do. In that way, you can sell your property.

Joseph Peters

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