Canon EOS 6D Review

Canon EOS 6D

If you are one of those people who have been looking for a perfect DSLR having full frame sensor and high image quality at a low price, then Canon EOS 6D is a must purchase for you. Canon EOS 6D is a perfect camera for beginners and even professional photographers in some situations like baby or family photo shoot opportunities.

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Sony A77II Digital SLR Camera Review

Sony A77II is the point where DSLR technology strikes new balances between price, features, functionality, and responsiveness. Sony bases this camera on its performance with continuous shooting mode. As said by professionals; Sony A77II is one of the few cameras which know how to shoot successfully in continuous shooting mode. Check out Sony DSLR Cameras […]

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Famous Landscape Photography

How to capture mountains Mountains are the real beauty. People have always been astounded by the beauty of mountains. They fall in love with the mountains at the very first sight. It gives the peace of mind and the real calm. In winter snow carpets the mountains and everywhere is snow. During spring and summer […]

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Fujifilm X100T Review

Being successor to X100S and X100, Fujifilm X100T is a professional point and shoot camera which comes with a large APS-C sensor. This premium digital compact camera has fixed 35mm f/2 lens. The ultra fast shutter of Fujifilm X100T is capable of capturing images in timeless than 1/32000 seconds. Direct controls and bright viewfinder of […]

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Best Compact Cameras for Action

Action or sports photography is categorised by action cameras which have a fast lens and outstanding image stabilisation. Some beginners think that only digital SLRs are best suited for this purpose but they do not know the wonders of some advanced compact cameras. An unknown fact related to this issue is that some sports stadiums […]

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Best Compact Cameras for Traveling

We have made an effort to develop a subjective list of compact cameras which are best for travellers and enthusiastic photographers. You can use these cameras either during trips, vacations or casual travelling. However, they are not the cameras carried by professional photographers, and they cannot replace those cameras regarding versatility as well as precision. […]

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How to Pick the Right DSLR camera?

Prices of DSLR cameras are falling as the manufacturers are coming up with more user friendly editions. However DSLRs will always remain more complicated as compared to compact cameras due to the main difference of manual controls. Therefore, selecting the most appropriate DSLR camera is difficult for new photographers. Moving from a point and shoot […]

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Canon EOS 70D Review

Are you one of the photographers who look for better autofocus in video mode? Well, if so then you need not look further because Canon EOS 70D will provide you with this feature with the help of dual pixel auto focus. Canon EOS 70D offers most of the qualities which a photo enthusiast wants in […]

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