Best Camera Tripod Under 100

Now in stores, you can find many cheap tripods. They are most Chinese companies whose names you probably won’t say anything. Buying such products makes no sense. The production has a complete lack of quality control. Therefore, finished products cannot be excellent. Such tripods are unstable and shaky. But you can find better quality tripods […]

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Best Drone With Camera Under 200 Dollars

FPV (First Person View) is an excellent technology. It allows you to broadcast your quadcopter video on a remote device or smartphone. The televised live video gives you the ability to control the drone with FPV. FPV provides a feeling of immersion in the piloting process. FPV is useful for entertainment, driving missions and video-shooting. […]

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Best Camera Phone

iPhone X Dual Camera

iPhone X has a better video, and there is a possibility of 2x optical zoom, Google Pixel 2 XL features a gorgeous HDR mode +, which manages to get stunning photos in night mode and complex lighting situations.

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Canon EOS 200D Review

The Canon EOS 200D is a stylish, lightweight and easy-to-use model, created to enhance the skills of pictures and videos. The camera is the perfect companion for anyone who can’t wait to tell the world their story. It has a comfortable design and the highest shooting quality for any situation.

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Nikon D850 Review

The Nikon D850 is perhaps the most advanced SLR camera to date; the Nikon D850 will appeal to a wide range of professional users: from the wedding and sports photography to landscape and commercial photography.     After months of anticipation and rumours, Nikon D850 finally announced and it was worth it to wait for […]

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Canon EOS M100 Review

EOS M100 is an ideal choice for those who have long dreamed of fully realize their creative vision and reach new heights of photographic skill. Touchscreen interface just as convenient as the Smartphone interface, and a set of built-in filters allow giving a snapshot of expressiveness and completeness quickly. You do not have to the lengthy flipping statement if you want to blur the background or make an object in the picture is brighter.


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Nikon D5 Review

Nikon has produced a splendid camera here with the D5. There’s enough familiarity to make existing Nikon D4S users feel at home. There are sufficient new features to justify the upgrade. And low light photos are incredible.

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Rule Of Thirds Photography

rule of thirds

The “rule of thirds” inherently implies that the subject or any essential elements in your photo should be positioned off-center to create balance in an image. The rule of thirds is not a perfect standard. There are instances when you frame a subject at the centre can have more impact. Depending on what you want to show or what emotion you want to stir within your viewers, you can decide on what looks and feels right for the image you are creating.

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