Nikon D810A FX-Format Review

First, in this Nikon D810A Review, we show how the Nikon’s first ever DSLR camera is for deep-sky astrophotography. Moreover, this camera is waiting for you with attractive discount offers. Also, the full frame FX-format with no optional low- pass filter 36.3 megapixels along with IR cut screen make Nikon D810A FX-format camera a perfect one to capture celestial objects and H-alpha emission nebulae.

With this in mind, Nikon D810A FX-format Digital SLR can stack the images with third-party software after fifteen minutes shooting of ultra long exposures. Also, you do not have to suppress your passion for space just due to the camera’s inefficiency.

Besides, you can take advantage of high-speed continuous shooting option of Nikon D810A FX-format Digital SLR and shoot star trail images from the entire sky.

Nikon D810A Review

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For example, Nikon D810A FX-format Digital SLR has the specialty to capture noise-free images at higher ISO levels reaching 12,800. To emphasize, you can use the Nikon D810A FX-format Digital SLR with tripod, telescope, equatorial mount or laptop for capturing high-quality unforgettable images.

In particular, the IR filter of Nikon D810A matches with H-Alpha red tones. Notably, this fact results in sensitivity which is four times greater than any other DSLR of this class. For this reason, Nikon D810A’s sensitivity touches 656 nm in wavelength which helps in capturing large images along with 36.3 megapixels sensor. Continue reading Nikon D810A Review Specifications.

Specifications of Nikon D810A

You will not be able to obtain such pictures of the night sky which were not possible just before the launch of Nikon D810A. It’s long exposure deep sky shooting will reveal the cosmos with incredible detail. Celestial objects reveal themselves to Nikon D810A with brilliant clarity due to high tech features introduced in this camera for the first time.

Here are some relevant Nikon D810A Review specifications of Nikon D810A which make it one of the best DSLRs dedicated for cosmos photography.

Nikon D810A FX-Format

  • Firstly, optical sensor resolution: 36.3 megapixels.
  • Secondly, optical Zoom: 1X.
  • Thirdly, the EXPEED 4 processor.
  • Moreover, self-timer and Remote control.
  • CMOS photosensor technology.
  • Maximum horizontal resolution: 7360.
  • Maximum shutter speed of 1/ 8000 of a second.
  • Magnesium alloy body.
  • Weight 1.94 pounds.
  • Minimum shutter speed of 30 seconds.
  • ISO range of 200 to 12800 and expandable from 100 to 51200.
  • 51 autofocus points.
  • Average battery life of 1200 photos.
  • Compatible mountings are Nikon F (FX).
  • Continuous shooting speed of 5 frames per second.
  • The file format of JPEG, RAW, and TIFF.
  • Flash sync speed of 1/200 of a second.
  • Built-in flash.
  • Mini HDMI.
  • Optional GPS.
  • 51 point phase detection focus type.
  • It has an optical viewfinder with 0.7x magnification.
  • Weather resistant.

Features of Nikon D810A

Nikon D810A makes sure that no one will ever miss the jewels of night sky again. Nikon D810A is a game changer product in the market. It came up with many amazing features which were never thought possible before.

This camera is a camera which can tell you new stories of quality and performance along with every single NIKKOR lens.

It is compatible with different lenses from wide angle to telephoto types. Here are some essential features of Nikon D810A which make it distinct from all other DSLRs.

Specialised for astrophotography

Nikon D810A has an image sensor specially optimized for astrophotography and four times more sensitive to H-Alpha red tones than any other option available in the market.

You can also use it for general photography, but specialty must be kept in mind while analyzing results.

Freedom with your creativity with the Nikon D810A FX-Format

There are no limits to your creativity when you work on skies with Nikon D810A. It is compatible with some NIKKOR lenses meant for different purposes.

Super telephoto lenses for distant galaxies and constellations will help you to expand your creative options with no limits at all. Nikon D810A comes with a remote control system, wireless transmitter, and GPS system.

Brilliant performance forever

Nikon D810A is there in such a way that it can withstand every single hardship of put doors. The magnesium outer body saves it from jerks and serious harms.

Proper dust sealing is made possible with this magnesium body which protects the sensor and other sensitive parts of Nikon D810A and increases their life.

Shutter speed of Nikon D810A was also tested up to 200,000 cycles which make sure that you will be able to keep it until Nikon comes up with enough advanced and low priced DSLR.

The optional battery grip is also added to Nikon D810A to make sure that you get maximum shots per charge. You can also connect it to your laptop with high-speed USB 3.0.

Star Trials unlimited Nikon D810A Review

You can now shoot an infinite number of images with CL or CH release modes. If you slow down your shutter speed to four seconds, then beautiful light trails will be waiting for you as resultant images.

Prolonged exposure deep-sky shooting Nikon D810A Review

Additionally, the front curtain electronic shutter eliminates interval vibrations and creates brilliantly clear as well as sharp images. Likewise, the prolonged exposure M Mode will enable Nikon D810A exposures up to 900 seconds. Moreover, during BULB and time mode, virtual exposure preview will allow you to focus and frame your subjects.

Nikon D810A Review

Pros and cons of Nikon D810A

Granted that every single available product has some advantages and disadvantages as this Nikon D810A Review shows. Nikon D810A has the same case.

Nikon D810A Review

However, there are no problems for people who have to capture space with it. In this Nikon D810A Review, we have sincerely gathered some active and negative points of Nikon D810A for you.

Pros of Nikon D810A

  • EXPEED processor 30% faster.
  • Newly improved group area autofocus.
  • Improved and well handled continuous shooting speed.
  • Outstanding battery life.
  • Less noise even at lowest ISO level.
  • Incredible video performance and white balance.

Cons of Nikon D810A

  • The only disadvantage of Nikon D810A is that it does not produce equally impressive images in general photography.

Why should you purchase Nikon D810A?

Firstly, Nikon D810A is available now, and you can buy it online or via any camera retailer. Secondly, This Nikon DSLR is mainly there for astrophotography, and you must purchase it if you are an enthusiast.

Also, Nikon D810A has specially designed features for space photography which you cannot find in any other camera with such perfection.

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