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The Nikon D7500 released as a successor to the DSLR Nikon D7200. Nikon says that the Nikon D7500 has many similarities to the D500. Even in some cases to the fantastic D5. Check this Nikon D7200 vs D7500 and Nikon D7500 Review to know more about it.

What are the similarities between Nikon D7500 vs D500?

One of the similarities between the D7500 and D500 is the EXPEED 5 image processor.

Nevertheless, the Nikon D7500 has better image quality with less noise at higher ISOs. The native sensitivity range varies between ISO 100 and 51200.

Nikon D7500 vs D7200 Comparison

With the D7500 we have a smaller sensor giving a stabler image quality. That is possible because the D7500 sensors are larger giving better image quality in low-light and higher ISO situations.

Other of the critical facts of this Nikon D7200 vs D7500 is that the Nikon D7200 has the potential to give you better image quality at the base ISO than the D7500.

Now with the Nikon D7500 better buffer and auto-focus capabilities. With the D7500 you can shoot up to 100 JPGs or 50 raw frames in a row (just over 6 secs) at 8 fps. Especially relevant, the 8 frames per second which is pretty impressive for a camera at this price. Moreover, that is very convenient for sports or wildlife photographers.

Nikon D7200 vs D7500 Reviews

Nikon D7500 Review

Nikon D7200 vs D7500

Specifications Nikon D7500

EXPEED 5 image processor.

Paired with 20.9 MP.

DX-Format CMOS Sensor.

Excellent image quality.

Less noise at higher ISOs.

ISO 100 – 51200.

Improvements in image quality in low light & high ISO settings.

Improvements in auto-focus capabilities.

Improved Buffer.

Shoots 100 JPGs or 50 raw frames in a row (just over 6 secs) at 8 fps

Nikon D7500 Review

Nikon D7200 Review

We need to know more about the specifications of the Nikon D7200 in order to better understand the Nikon D7200 vs D7500 comparison.

Specifications Nikon D7200

ISO 100 – 25600




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