How to Take Better Selfies – Tips for Women

You are on a world tour, and you stopped in Paris en route to NewYork. Amongst the many things you can do, taking a selfie, there is a must. Whether to take a selfie or not in such a situation is no longer an option, it is an OBLIGATION – a social obligation. Paris is a beautiful city; people call it the “CITY OF LOVE” which is why it makes for one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.

Couples visit Paris to celebrate their love. A surprising fact that adds up to the beauty of Paris is that many lovers found their other half in Paris. It is as if they did not even visit Paris with that intention in mind, yet they found someone who attracted not just their eyes but also their soul, their eyes met and they fell in love. It is from the ground of Paris that so many romantic love stories have taken root.


Be it in Paris, China, Turkey or wherever in the world you seem to drop by, taking a selfie there is a proof that you have been there. In fact, even if you visit your neighbors, taking a selfie with them is like a proof that you did attend them.

how to take better selfiesWith so many social networks out there, they have their own set of social networking norms. To be famous on a social network, you have to keep it updated with your posts and selfies.

What is worth mentioning is that with 10 billion social network audiences, we are talking about some terrible competition of selfies here! Thus, here are a few tips, for women specifically, on how to take better selfies.

Find your Best AngleFirst things first, find your best angle – the angle that makes you look your best. For some people that are an angle slightly lower than their head, a corner right across their head or an edge higher than their head.

props selfies

While when someone else is photographing you, you will have to work with a different angle than the one that works for your face. Here are some tips and poses for taking better selfies.

For a Full Picture of You

  1. A lower edge makes you look taller and much slimmer. While if you take your full-length picture from an angle higher than your head, or even an angle 90 degree to your head, chances are you will look short and bulky.
  2. If you are one of those ladies who look awkward in their full pictures, then step out of that delicate zone and bend those knees while being photo-shot. It adds style to your photo and makes you look confident.
  3. Keep your hand on your waist and tilt your head to the same side, just like those models on the ramp. Be confident!. Your confidence will show in the pictures. After all, you are the only model of your Instagram profile.
  4. Or else, keep one of your hands in the pocket with only the thumb inside and your fingers hanging out. Hold your bag or your cell phone or may just make a victory sign. It is usually a randomly hanging hand that makes you look awkward in the pictures.

find your best angle for taking selfies

For the Face

face selfiesUsually, a higher angle works best for every woman out there. It makes your eyes pop, enhances your cheekbones and makes your face look shapelier. Always stretch your neck and hold your camera at an angle higher than your head. Smile and CLICK!

A Smile Can Brighten Your Selfie

smiling selfieThe background should be clean, your hair should be well done, your makeup should be perfect, the lighting should be perfect and the camera settings should be dealt with accordingly.

While keeping so many things in mind, we usually forget to smile. A selfie with a poker face is not what the social world needs to see. Spread smiles! It will make your selfie look perfect and fetch you more likes on the Instagram and Facebook.

Capture Selfies in a Well-Lit Area

sunlight selfieWhen I tell you to capture selfies in a well-lit area, I mean an area where the light shines on your face and enhances your features instead of diminishing them.

Bad lighting usually just ruins the mood of the picture whereas good lighting makes everything look a tonne better. Natural lighting gives the best results! Even when taking pictures of your food, go outdoors and take advantage of the sunlight.

BE RANDOM, HAVE FUN – Try Different Poses

Enjoy capturing yourself. You are going to look fabulous in the next few pictures you will click, so feel like it and behave like it. Make a pout, hold your tongue out, enlarge your eyes or raise your brows.

Wear red lipstick and make that perfect pout you have always admired. You may even do the yoga pose and ask your friend or sibling to take the picture for you. Remember to enjoy the moment!

Add Props to Your Pictures

Drandom selfieso not be afraid to add some props in your pictures. Wear trendy sunglasses in the sun, fake lashes in the evening. Wear a flashy headpiece or some jewelry to add some glitz to the selfie. Go out in the garden, pluck a bright flower and pin it in your hair, and then take a selfie with it.

Dear Woman, Your Hair is Your Best Prop!

hair selfie

Do not underestimate the power of well-managed beautiful hair. Take very good care of your hair because they will later add to the beauty of your selfie. Let that hair loose! Do the side part, SWOOSH, SWIRL and CLICK!

Number is Just a Figureselfies in different poses

Take as many selfies as you like, do not fear the number. Pout and take 5 selfies. Wink, and then take 5 selfies. Smile and then take 5 selfies.

Keep clicking until you are satisfied. I bet even Kim Kardashian takes 20 – 30 selfies to get the best one. Besides, you will delete the bad ones later on so no worries. In the real world, 20 selfies = 1 good selfie.

Filters are Your Best Friendsedit your selfies

Do not be strangers to those editing apps. They are what will make your well-captured selfie the perfect one. Find the right app for your phone and the one that offers the filters you like. Play store and iTunes are always there for you to serve that purpose.

Currently, I am in love with b612, Fotor, and Candy Camera. Once you have chosen the selfie you want to upload, let it go through the filter process in your editing apps and TADA! Your selfie is officially ready. Post and embrace the love of your friends.

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