How I Edit Photos

It seems everyone is looking for how I edit photos in Google search engine. It might be surprising to you that art of photo editing is as old as the photography itself.

Professional photographers have remained in search for the techniques that can help them in improving quality of their photos. There is no doubt that few simple editing steps can make a good picture great.

How Is Digital Photo Editing Easier?

Gone are the days when photographers had limited editing choices. Thanks to latest technological advancements, photography and photo editing have become much easier than ever before. Now, you can take photos whenever and wherever you want with your cell phone camera.

Moreover, you do not need any darkroom to enhance the quality of your favorite photos. All you need is a right photo editing software, and you are ready to correct and improve your photos.

You will have to learn more if you want to produce creative artworks. However, you will be learning more and more every day with consistent practice. In the beginning, photo editing might be a little bit daunting, but soon you will realize that it is surprisingly easy to learn.


How I Edit Photos


Select A Photo Editing Software

If you search for photo editing software, there will be a list of free and paid packages. Selecting the best one will become frustrating to you. For your convenience, I am going to recommend some software so you can understand how I edit photos within minutes.

You can read reviews of existing users to determine whether your selected software will fulfill your requirements or not. Reviews or feedback from customers will tell you the things that you will not find in their promotions contents.

Therefore, think well before you purchase any photo editing software. Moreover, you do not need to waste money if any free software can provide the same benefits.

Top Free Photo Editing Software

Many people ask me that how I edit photos. I use software to enrich the quality of my photos. You will be soon working on them like me by following my editing tricks and techniques. Instead of wasting any further time, let me introduce the photo editing software that I have been using for a long time. I am sure you will find them user-friendly.


It is one of the most famous photos editing software available in the market. You can download it from Google. It would be best for you if you want such software that can provide you many basic photo-editing choices.

It offers many quick fix choices like cropping photos, adjusting color and contrast as well as you can remove red-eye. Moreover, it will help you in improving the highlights and shadows of your photos. You will be amazed to read that most of photo editing packages do not offer this feature.
Picasa is entirely free, and you can try it right now. Download it from Google if you want a simple photo editor.


It is for those who need few creative tools to give their photos a professional touch. You will find a large variety of erasing, smudge and clone tools. It is for the people who are looking for a photo editing software with many layer effects.


You can try GIMP as alternative software to Adobe Photoshop, launched in 1995 for the professional photographers. It is the reason that most of its features are similar to Adobe Photoshop.

For instance, you will find tools of smart selection, vector graphic support, layer masks, and transparency. Moreover, it supports most of Photoshop plug-ins as well as even opens Photoshop documents.

I strongly recommend it because of its lots of photo editing tools and options. After using this software, you will realize how I edit my photos with ease. Due to so many choices, its navigation might be little hard in the beginning.

Do not give up and keep trying. You will be working on it like a pro only after a couple of days. It will make your photos more attractive and colorful than you had imagined.

How I Edit Photos

Cost Effective Photo Editing Software

It is the category where you will have to spend some money to purchase a photo editing software with lots of editing options. However, you will find useless to top software so again be more careful while selecting and buying any photo editing software.

As I mentioned above, reviews are the best source for accessing any software. As far as how I edit photos is matter, I use and recommend the following software.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

I recommend Adobe Photoshop Elements for the novice and entry-level photographers. It is less costly than Adobe Photoshop CC. It has few tools, but more quick fixes. For instance, you can alter skin tones and remove the red eye that is not possible in Adobe Photoshop.

It is for photographers who solely want to enhance the quality of their photos so do not expect the Graphic Designing Tools of Photoshop. If you are looking for a photo editing software that is easy to understand with comprehensive tutorials and online support, download Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Adobe Lightroom

As name shows, it is another excellent photo-editing package of Adobe Photoshop. It is twice as costly as Adobe Photoshop Elements. You can consider it as a bridge between the full version of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.

Like Photoshop Elements, you will not find any graphic-designing features of Photoshop in Adobe Lightroom. However, it is an excellent photo editing for processing and managing photos.

You can download Adobe Lightroom to edit raw images and take them to publishing point without using any other photo editing software. It has many extra options as compare to Photoshop elements; that is why its price is double.

Are you not sure which photo editing package will suit you best? Then there is no need to worry because you can try it free for 30 days on trial basis. It will be sufficient time to understand whether Photoshop Elements suits you or Adobe Lightroom.

Alternative to Adobe Packages in How I Edit Photos

It is how I edit photos, but you can try another good photo-editing software alternative to Adobe Photoshop packages. If you want to try other software too, I will suggest Corel Paint Shop Pro. It has almost same features of Photoshop Elements, but you will navigate it more efficiently.

You can take it from the website of Corel. Again, it offers free trails for up to 30 days, so it will be sufficient time for you to go through all of its features before spending your precious money.

Are You Ready to Start Photo Editing?

After software selection, you are ready to start photo editing. You will feel some trouble in the beginning, but soon you will learn how to make good photos awesome. Few days practice will take you to the point where you will be perfecting each shot of your camera.

Moreover, it will become easier if you focused on the primary photo-editing techniques. You will learn quickly through your experiments, but never forget that your photos must look like original photos. Your photos should not show any editing if you want to work as a professional photographer.

It does not mean at all that you cannot add or remove objects from your photos. Do whatever you want but in the way that it looks like real. Keep it in mind and read below how I edit photos by using some of the most basic tools and features.


You can improve photo composition with this tool. You will find a world of difference after cropping an image. It allows you to crop any significant area from a large photo and get an image more focused like a new shot.

Colors Adjustment

First, consider the most fundamental changes of color adjustments. You can find such options with the terms of hue/saturation, brightness/contrast, shadows/highlights, levels, and curves, which appear almost in the same place in all photo-editing software.

You will be wondering how these essential features can alter your photo. However, you need to learn how these options work differently.

Contrast and Brightness Adjustment

Darkening or lightening a photo is the most straightforward editing that you can do by decreasing or increasing the contrast level. Do not take it lightly and look your photos after changing brightness and contrast adjustments. A dull and underexposed photograph will turn into a high impact snapshot by adjusting its colors.

Auto Adjustment

You can use these features like quick fixes to adjust the colors of your photo and make them look impressive. In artificial lights, almost all shots appear with strange colors. However, you can simultaneously fix the light and colors with a single click on these buttons.

Manual Adjustment

If auto adjustment of colors and levels does not deliver your desired results, you can manually fix the issues through these features. Again, you should know how these features affect differently on images. Let me explain to you how I edit photos by increasing or decreasing these options.

Hue and Saturation Adjustments

If you want to improve the color of your image, increase or decrease Hue. However, if you’re going to make a picture more colorful, Saturation will do it. You can manually adjust the color of the image if the auto adjustment is not beautiful.

You will find funny results by changing Hue and Contrast, but avoid them to adopt. At this stage, I would like to remind you that changes should make photo natural, the same as how I edit photos, and of the high quality.

Levels and Curves Adjustments

You can try Levels and Curves options, but these are quite complex and delicate. After practicing, you will become competent at photo editing by using these features.

You can adjust the three primary colors individually in the Level option as well as Curves allow you to change the highlights and shadows. Again, I will suggest you use these options solely for producing a natural photo.

In the beginning, it might be hard to understand how to adjust levels and curves. Keep experimenting unless the point arrives where you can make a raw photo perfect for printing or publishing on the websites. Soon you will realize how I edit photos by using Levels and Curves features.

Shadows and Highlights

Shadows and Highlights are relatively a recent addition in the market of image editing software. Therefore, it is entirely possible that you do not have them with entry-level photo editing software. It is beautiful if you already have them.

Otherwise, you need to update or replace your software. With these options, you can increase the bright in the dark areas of the photo as well as can darken the brighter areas. It is not as simple as it seems to be more careful when using these options and keep it in mind that any overdoing can ruin your image.

Desaturating and Toning

Photo editing software comes with lots of features and tools. You can name some entirely useless because of their craziness but few of them will not worthy your ignorance. One of such features is desaturating that turns your color photo into black and white.

However, there are several other ways to do it like by decreasing saturation level or turning on grayscale mode. Moreover, it will be entirely up to you what to turn black and what to make black. However, you must never forget about textures and shapes when editing or shooting photos.

If you want to add color to a black and white photo, Tone option will do it. It is fantastic to add a blue touch to a winter photo, a brown feel to a nostalgic picture, or an orange contact to a summer photo. You can try different options to produce an impressive and natural image.

Again, its navigation might be a little bit daunting in the beginning, but practice will teach you everything about it. You will be wondering how I edit photos by using tone feature of editing packages.

Edit Photos on Smartphone With Instagram

You can use photo-editing applications on your smartphone. Again, there will be so many choices that you will feel tired which one to select. Do you want to know how I edit photos on my smartphone?

I use Instagram photo editor due to its high fame and high-quality results. Without wasting any further time, let me tell you how to edit photos with Instagram.

If you do not have the Instagram application on your smartphone, download it from Store and install it. It will require you to log in with your Facebook account or create a new account. After getting log in, you can edit your photos by using various features.

However, you must never forget that a bad picture will remain wrong. You can never correct wrong shot photo with any editing. Therefore, select an excellent photo for editing, or you will be wasting your efforts.

Upload Photo

You can upload your photos to Instagram for starting the editing process. At home page, you will see a Plus sign at the bottom center of the screen, click on it and select the photo.

Expand Photo to Real Width

Instagram crops each photo as a square, but you can alter it to real width by pressing the Expand button. You can find it with two outward facing arrows icon at the bottom left-hand side of the selected photo. Click on Next and start editing your photo.

Select a Filter

Now, I am going to tell how I edit photos with the Instagram filter. You are in editing mode so you can see many filter choices. At this stage, you will have fun and will learn many things in the short period. All you need to do is to try each filter and see how it alters your photo.

Before finalizing any filter, select the ones that appeal you more then go back and forth between these filters. For your convenience, below is the short overview of few of the most popular filters.

Lark is an ideal filter for landscape photos. It pulls out the greens and blue as well as desaturates the reds from the picture. Moon is a black and white filter with dark shadows. Your photos will look vintage and vivid with the moon filter.

Crema filter gives a creamy look. Valencia is one of the most famous filters of Instagram that warms the colors of photo and produces a unique picture. X Pro II is a high contrast filer whereas Lo-Fi filter adds high saturation, sharp shadows and vibrant colors to photo.

You can try other filters if you want your photos with a vintage look with the yellow tone and a darker border.

Tip Selecting Filters

You can make a list of your favorite filters from the Manage option; see at the end of filers by scrolling right side. Everyone has own preferences, so the mentioned above are my favorite and some of the most famous Instagram filers.

That is how I edit photos with my favorite Instagram filters. However, you can try others to make a selecting according to your taste and preference.

Adjust the Lux

Many people do not know about it even if they are using it for a long time. However, Lux adjustment feature will reveal on you how I edit photos by solely relying on it. You can bring out the smaller details as well as make the picture more vibrant with Lux adjustment.

Turn on it by clicking on the sun icon that appears above the picture after the filter selection. Moreover, you can adjust the lux by scrolling slider up and down until you get what looks best. Click on the “Done” as adjustment completes, and you will be again on the filters page.

How I Edit Photos on Instagram with Simple Tools

You can use simple editing tools on Instagram for editing your photo manually. When you upload the photo on Instagram, Edit appears on the right bottom side of the picture.

Click the Edit icon, and you will have access to some manually adjustable settings; such as contrast, brightness, alignment, warmth, structure, sharpness, shadows, and highlights. These functions work the same as I mentioned above.

Therefore, you can try these functions, by increasing or decreasing the slide bars, unless you get a fantastic and natural-look photo.

Practice Will Make You Perfect!

You will be wondering how I edit photos by using these photo editing software like professional photographers. If I tell you the truth, I had practiced a lot to reach this position.

You may read my tips that are formal but will be sufficient to improve your photos. Photo editing is not as hard as people think. With careful practice, you will soon be able to change the colors individually, adjust the perspective of the photo, remove objects or mix two photos.

Photo Editing is a Skill

Indeed, photo editing is a skill. You can improve or perfect ever shot photos in some way. Moreover, it is like the ocean where you will find many pearls, but only with dives. There will be many tools and features with each photo-editing package.

Therefore, learning will require proper time and practice especially if you are at the beginning stage. However, you can learn everything within few days by going through each feature.

Since you got all how I edit photos, it is the right time to start practicing my editing tricks. Taking great pictures is not hard if you follow basic rules. If an image is away from your zoom range, shoot a photo and crop it later. However, if the picture is not away from your camera zoom then take it in a way that you do not have to crop it.

You should never forget that combining the contrast adjustments and various colors is creativity itself. Therefore, learn it through your editing experiments. You produce your creativity when you shoot, edit and publish photos by yourself.

Therefore, do it with the passion especially if you want to earn money as a photographer. If you fail to shoot a picture accurately, do not waste time on correcting it. Select the proper images from your selections, so others appreciate your editing efforts when they see it.

Elizabeth Smith

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