Fujifilm X100T Review

Being successor to X100S and X100, Fujifilm X100T is a professional point and shoot camera which comes with a large APS-C sensor. This premium digital compact camera has a fixed 35mm f/2 lens. The ultra-fast shutter of X100T is capable of capturing images in timeless than 1/32000 seconds.

Direct controls and bright viewfinder of Fujifilm X100T has taken it to such heights that even now there is no match for its perfection and image quality.

Fujifilm X100T provides you with an exclusive shooting experience which clicks your inner creativity. Fujifilm has successfully come up with a camera to provide more essential controls and creative options.

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The advanced hybrid viewfinder comes with parallax correction and electronic rangefinder. 1.04 million Dots locate on a 3 inch LCD screen along with seven buttons for customization.

Built-in Wi-Fi makes Fujifilm X100T more attractive for people who want to share their experiences right away. Full HD movie recording is no less than a golden offer made by this camera.

Fujifilm X100T

Looks of Fujifilm X100T are more like its predecessor, but you must not worry because significant improvements are under the hood. Fujifilm X100T places among very well built cameras, and it is possible due to the top and base plates of die-cast magnesium alloy.

The weight of is also incredibly low as you may imagine in its first look, therefore, portability is also watched over here.

Fujifilm X100T

Specifications of Fujifilm X100T

Fujifilm X100T is the heart of all digital compact cameras offered by this company so far. Professionals suggest it because its image quality is better than any other camera in this class. Experts say Fujifilm X100T develops a great balance between modern technology and retro design.

You can get this modern technology with classic camera experience which remains with you even after using highly professional cameras.

The reason behind this spell is shooting experience, speed, accuracy and high image quality. Here are some specifications which make all of this possible for Fujifilm X100T.

  • Optical sensor resolution: 16.3 mega pixels.
  • CMOS optical sensor technology.
  • 1X optical zoom.
  • Average battery life of 330 photos.
  • 49 autofocus points.
  • Continuous shooting speed of 6 frames per second.
  • Display resolution of 1040000.
  • Expanded ISO ranges from 100 to 51,200.
  • JPEG and RAW file format.
  • Micro HDMI.
  • Auto ISO range is 200 to 6400.
  • Image aspect ratio is 1:1, 3:2, 16:9.
  • Microfocus range of 10cm.
  • Focal length is 35mm.
  • Minimum shutter speed of 30 seconds and a maximum shutter speed of 1/ 32000 of a second.
  • EXR Processor II.
  • Remote control and self-timer.
  • Both electronic and optical viewfinder with 0.5x magnification.
  • Video capture format: H.264.
  • 1 USB slot and 0.97 pounds weight.
  • Multi, average and spot metering.

Features of Fujifilm X100T

The X100T provides passion for shooting and thrill of control to its users while they use it for the first time. You do not have to be a master of your camera to produce high-quality images because of the Fujifilm X100T defeating all the skills for perfect quality images on its own.

You can have all the controls in your own hands, but these controls will be backed up by the immaculately advanced technology used by Fujifilm X100T.

The high-quality fusion of electronics and optics offer world’s first electronic rangefinder in Fujifilm X100T along with a classic chrome mode.

You can enjoy the classic film style while doing your work and use your creativity as well as the passion to churn out perfectly composed images. Features, which make all of this possible, are given below.

Advanced hybrid viewfinder

The camera offers for the first time a highly accurate manual focusing with the help optical viewfinder. EVF area is displayed on the screen of the viewer simultaneously to assure accuracy and quality. You have to turn the focus ring and bring your subject to this EVF area for proper focusing.

The real-time parallax correction

The key selling point of Fujifilm X100T is its hybrid viewfinder which furthers evolves due to parallax correction. It is the gap between the actual shooting range and shooting range frame which occurs while shooting close up images. This feature is automatically corrected, therefore; you will not have to do reframing after focusing.

EXR Processor II for double processing speed

X-Trans CMOS II and EXR Processor II work together for faster results. They improved computational performance by the addition of dual CPU. They also impressively enhanced the start-up time of Fujifilm X100T to 0.5 seconds.

Pros and cons of Fujifilm X100T

There is no denying the existence of both advantages and disadvantages of the X100T even due to its high price. However, it is impossible to find a perfect camera also if you pay millions for it.

Engineers are still working to create a camera with high-quality images, low price, and high portability.

Significant advantages and disadvantages of the Fujifilm X100T are below.

Pros of Fujifilm X100T

  • Fujifilm X100T offers sharp and incredibly detailed images.
  • The camera generates colorful, flexible RAW files.
  • It offers excellent quality shooting experience.
  • Direct controls and dual mode viewfinder.
  • In-camera RAW conversion.
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi and DR modes.

Cons of Fujifilm X100T

  • Autofocus is very usable but a little slow.
  • Video quality is not up to the expectations.

Why should you purchase the X100T?

Fujifilm X100T is a camera with unmatched specifications and benefits. You can get the camera to such an incredible experience of photography.

The main reason behind the preference of the X100T is its technical advances over others. The 49 point autofocus system makes sure that every image comes out perfect.

Fujifilm X100T

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Six frames per second are decent speed for any sports camera used by passionate photographers. Control options of Fujifilm X100T will also attract your attention, therefore, do not waste any time in checking it out as a choice.



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