Fuji XT2 Landscape Photography

Ever tried to capture the most fantastic landscape or beautiful scenery? Did you consider Fuji XT2 Landscape Photography? And after obtaining it, have you ever felt a bit disappointed with the result?

If you’re familiar with such feelings, then we can help you catch them as well as get rid of them. Granted when it comes to photography, your skill and talent, as well as creativity, works wonders rather than your gear.

But the gear also plays a significant role in capturing the perfect photo. You can’t expect to become a great photographer by just working with your cellphone camera, can you?

Not at all, however, you have to be careful while choosing your gear and that’s where we come into the picture. The product we’re about to discuss is the Fuji XT2 Landscape Photography.

A Fuji XT2 Landscape Photography is a mirrorless digital camera. This cam contains a compact, lightweight and robust body. Besides, it comes along with lots of useful features and functions required for a good camera. It delivers everything needed when it comes to a camera and probably more too.

Fuji XT2 Landscape Photography

Fuji XT2 Landscape Photography

The Fuji XT2 Landscape Photography is the ultimate mirrorless digital camera. The Fuji XT2 Landscape Photography is a water-resistant camera with a collection of the interchangeable lens. Those lenses are supporting a large OLED electronic viewfinder or just known as the EVF.

Moreover, it also consists of the latest range of 24.3MP X-Trans CMOS III. That option ensures some high-quality pictures despite coming from the sensor CMOS types.

Furthermore, the XT2 uses an APS-C sensor which has the ability of a low-pass filter which further enhances its high performance.

Moreover, this new camera produces a raw image resolution. The XT2 compares to other cameras with large sensors containing higher pixel counts. Specifically, this offer is a big leap wrapped up in a compact, well-designed body of X-T2.

Fuji XT2 Landscape Photography

However, the reason why this camera is the best in the history of not only the X-series but the entire generation of cameras is that it supports 4K video recording that can use the available film simulation mode including ACROS. Hence efficiently producing premium quality footage that is as unique as the photographer himself.

You wouldn’t be able to find another product which can offer such perfection boxed together in one. Indeed. People know this camera for its high-quality images along with videos.

It records videos up to more considerable lengths along with excellent quality, making its way to high precision. All these are possible with the latest sensor and processing engine. Hence enhancing its qualities and making it more favorable as the hour passes.


The Fuji XT2 Landscape Photography contains:

  • High definition EVF.
  • Easy to use dials.
  • High-speed AF.
  • It has compatibility with a broad range of high-performance interchangeable lenses.
  • Film Simulation modes that inherit the legacy of Fujifilm colors.
  • Unparalleled image quality.
  • Outstanding 4K movie recording.
  • The camera supports Fuji NP-W126 battery types.
  • An electronic viewfinder.
  • The cam consists of CMOS sensor technology.

Fuji XT2 Landscape Photography

Fujifilm cameras work best with Fujinon lenses. This point doesn’t mean that you cannot use others. However, professionals prefer Fujinon slightly more in comparison to any other lenses.

When it comes to flashes, then it must be known that the Fuji XT2 Landscape Photography comes with a nice miniature flash that requires no battery and can be easily powered by the X-T2 once it’s mounted to the top of the camera or directly the flash terminal.

Keeping this in mind, I further note that the camera is void of built-in flashes. However, the illumination it provides can do the job as well as any built flash could. It could create the perfect amount of light needed to guide the eye through the camera or just adding catchlights.


Now for me, the small flash is perfect as it provides just the right amount of lighting and hence adds to the originality of the picture rather than seemingly fake extremely bright ones.

However, every single person comes with a different opinion and can work wonders with the flash. For those kinds of users, Fuji XT2 Landscape Photography provides different other flash options which can level up the camera to a professional level. Hence safe to say that regret is the last thing you’d feel when X-T2 came into your possession.

Pros and Cons Fuji XT2 Landscape Photography

Pros Fuji XT2 Landscape Photography

  • High-Quality images.
  • Compact.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Multiple features.
  • Portable.
  • It comes with graphite built-in as well.
  • Stylish and classy.
  • Amazing Texture.
  • Maximum focal length is 55mm.
  • Contain CMOS sensor technology.

Cons Fuji XT2 Landscape Photography

  • Expensive.
  • A little complicated to use mainly for beginners.
  • Delicate, chances of breaking are a lot.
  • Not accessible enough.
  • Lighting problem.
  • The video might not add up to mark in some instances.
  • Quality will drop with the slightest hit.
  • Requires excellent care else renders useless once let loose.

Reasons to buy Fuji XT2 Landscape Photography

Although the camera promises to be a good one, still here are some ideas to strengthen your belief in it.


Focusing on the camera is extremely important. You’re likely to catch great photos if your focus is quite perfect. As per the manufacturer, focusing further divides into three parts. All three of them explains how the manufacturer wants you to work the camera properly.

Larger High-Speed and High-Precision Phase Detection AF Area

Now the X-T2 has been constructed with such fine details that one cannot overlook them at any cost. Every single nail brings up with precision and accuracy at its best.

While discussing this, we cannot forget about the autofocus system of the X-T2. This time it comes with a new improved version which covers a large part of the frame. Also, optimizes so the users can correctly focus on their target.

People say that a photo is worth a thousand statements. It can’t be worth a thousand words if you don’t provide the ultimate focus. The improved AF of the XT2 speaks a thousand words.

The next thing which ensures its upgrade is phase detection in AF. Now, how they take care of that? Well, let’s say that they didn’t leave one stone behind. Whether it’s little highlights or low contrast subjects or fine-textured ones, all focus on quite diligently. That helps to be sure there are no problems for phase detection AF.

The phase detection area has been expanded by approx. 230% with the focus points increasing from 49 to 91 hence functions like contrast detection has received a significant boost by accurately focusing in light levels as low as -3EV.

Also, the camera refocuses more regularly during the slow burst mode in AF-C. Keeping all this in mind the speed of AF cannot be undermined as a device which offers such precision and accuracy is undoubted to have provided speed as per every user’s satisfaction. They acceded to mine.

Tracking Sensitivity

We discussed the accuracy of AF ahead, but it doesn’t stop there. There is another useful function added to the AF, and that is, its ability to track moving objects.

Most of the times users prefer photos of moving objects. But due to the motion of the object, the picture doesn’t quite come out nicely. This particular feature is for the types of users who prefer moving objects portraits or frames etc.

They can now tune the reaction of a camera to the subject moving within the frame, its speed and where the focus is required. So you see, if you’re fond of capturing objects which tend to disappear behind an obstacle or remove themselves from the frame, then this feature works perfectly for you.

This tracking option allows you to specify whether the camera should switch its focus to a different object. Or even retain it to wait for the purpose to reappear. Also if the object changes its distance or direction the camera, you will be able to track its movements quickly.

The time frame depends on the length provided, i.e., if the camera is at 0, you’re camera will refocus while if it remains at 1-4, then the setting will take a little time.

Speed Tracking Sensitivity

The rate of the camera defines the camera’s tracking characteristics regarding a subject. We’ve always wondered where the laws of physics would help us; now we have the answer.

By remaining constant or only operating the camera at zero, there is no detection of changes in speed however upon increasing it to let’s say two the camera easily depicts the movement of the subject and provides a suitable channel for acceleration and deceleration.

It works perfectly without any flaw granted upon the first try it might come a bit challenging if you’re a newcomer, but if you’re already familiar with such basics, then it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Zone Area Switching

As the name itself explains, this setting allows you to give priority to your required focusing area. In other words, it works with AF and helps you to prioritize which specific area should be focused.

I prefer to concentrate in center hence for people like me select CENTER to keep focusing the middle of the frame or FRONT on changing to the front side and so on. If the original subject moves out of the shot, then the tracking feature of the camera should be able to handle it.

Image Quality / Focus Control

When looking for a camera, the first thing we check out is its image quality. This camera provides the best image quality as possible. Professionals know it for this particular feature. However, getting the best quality image on the first go can become a bit hard if not aware of the basics.

Image Quality 24.3MP X-TRANS* CMOS III Sensor

As per the manufacturer, the X-T2 supports a 24.3MP X-TRANS CMOS III APS-C sensor. This technology marks the way for outstanding image quality.

The fact that its pixel array combined with an XF lens reduces every single chance of a slight problem with false colors which arrives when you do not use optical low pass filter accordingly can be justified when the sensors obtain an image of a much higher resolution and pixels.

Moreover, the features discussed above like AF, tracking ability, high-speed shooting, excellent video recording, etc. add to the plate. That helps to make it the best dish ever. Or in this case, a high-quality image ever produced.

Keep in mind that the sensor readout speed is approximately twice as fast delivering high-speed continuous shooting, precise AF tracking, and more top quality movies.

Excellent Image Processing From X-Processor Pro

Image Processing becomes yet another obstacle when once you obtain the production of a high-quality image. The X-Processer Pro image Processing, however, is four times faster than its previous models ultimately producing high-quality photos reducing shutter release times and providing greater AF precision.

That is possible because the X-TRANS CMOS III sensor contains built-in memory. This memory has been thoroughly increased as compared to the previous models and has a well-enhanced computational power which provides the perfect buffer to a solution hence bringing out its full potential in the field

Also for high-speed processing, a new CPU has been added to work at its pace accordingly. With so many features added, there lie no traces of doubt when it comes to the working of X-Processer Pro Image Processing.

Film Simulation Modes Reflect Fujifilm’s Colour Philosophy

Since the camera seems to well equipped with practically everything, one begins to wonder if there’s anything else left to cover? For ordinary people, no but for photographers. You see despite discussing everything we have left out one tiny detail namely modes.

Yes, this camera along with so many other features provides you the function of changing patterns as well. The Fuji XT2 Landscape Photography film simulation allows you to enjoy different color tones and rich gradations. Not only that but also improving the mode every now and often to your taste.

The variety ranges up to 15 different methods like PROVIA and VELVIA. Those produce vibrant and radiant images. Besides, they deliver ACROS for excellent detailed monochrome photos.

For those who are familiar with these methods, you must know how you can process the picture according to your desired taste with the help of the modes above.

While the ones who aren’t should be aware that these are one of the most beautiful features which gives a significant volume, luminosity, and beauty to the image. If you’re more into artistic effects, then the Grain Effect Function can satisfy your inner artist quite correctly as this combined with other modes can provide the best-textured look.

Focus Lever To Instantly Change The Focusing Point

Fuji XT2 Landscape Photography allows the user to modify the directions of focus. That is through focus lever by just pressing up/down, left/right and diagonally to have an accurate discussion after composing an image.

The focus area can change in eight directions so you can always choose your desired path for the perfect picture. This feature in addition to shifting the AF points during autofocusing also wants the area to enlarge in MF assist mode during manual focusing.

So this means the photographer has the liability to do whatever he wants when it comes to using this camera. You will be controlling all units according to your satisfaction.


The camera is portable and light in weight. Hence you can carry the cam anywhere with ease without facing any discomfort. Photographers travel a lot, and they need their camera for capturing every moment.

They love taking snaps of intricate details on the side of the road they’re walking upon or the street they’re crossing. The point is, they always need their camera around.

Now a large camera is likely to cause hurdles as well as tiredness and fatigue so everyone usually prefers a small but good one and this is where the Fuji XT2 Landscape Photography can help.

Its portability provides the perfect opportunity to balance it out on your arm as well as in your bags without facing any difficulty. Now you can take high-quality photos everywhere with no hesitation.

Video Recording

Since it supports the capacity to record videos up to 4k, hence you can easily make a lot of videos and record it for a reasonable length as well. Now you need not bother yourself and a particular event you’re filing by pressing the stop button switching it back on to record.

You can record fully up to your desired length and get it in equal high quality as if you’re reliving the specific scene. I’m conscious of the fact that most of the cameras come with the same feature but each has some trouble, either the recording length will be not enough for the entire coverage or the space getting engaged in this is the maximum amount.

Our Fujifilm Xt2 offers you everything with a single click. You can make great length videos along with no worries for space, and you can capture the event as if you’re standing right there. That’s how good the quality goes.


We’ve heard of ‘don’t judge the book by its cover,’ while this is necessarily true, it can be proven wrong in this case. The camera stands out perfectly in the crowd because of dark black graphite as well as adds to sex appeal.

A man carrying it can spot from far away and whether he shows any sign of talent or not. His camera will take the lead, and people will eventually follow. It gives off a symbol of elegance and ultimate sophistication hence providing perfection at its best.

The looks don’t deceive with Fujifilm. Instead, they speak, and actions provide the final proof. Sleek, stylish giving of the art of most urban fashions.

Weather Resistant

Although the device is portable and a bit delicate, it can still withstand a lot of force hence making it very durable among its other series. Despite all of this it can resist dust, moisture and is practically weather resistant.

No more troubling yourself with drying your camera because of the rain or keeping the equipment away from massive exposure to the heat. The case provides a little care in the case but apart from it, the camera won’t likely to be extinguished with a single hit.

Hence this provides the ultimate protection and advantage to the devices of those photographers who love to capture the extremities of weather and other hurdles.

Dual Slot Cards

Yes, you’re reading it quite right. This camera provides dual slots for SD cards so now you can operate it without worrying about finishing the memory. You can fill in both the slots at the same time.

You will have the option of choosing which SD card to fill and later on you can always change the option in your settings provided you want to. So that adds to lasting memory as well its inherent meaning you don’t have to worry about getting new cards for quite a while.

LCD Screens

The camera provides you with the feature of a premium LCD screen which you can tilt in three directions according to your use. As per the manufacturer, tilt it up and down when firing in the scene, and upward when shooting in portrait.

The screen continues positioned on the optical axis of the lens for comfortable high-angle and low-angle shot. The 3-inch LCD has 1.04 million points and manages toughened glass. When not tilted, it fits flush to the body.

Simple Handling

Many other devices with an extended range of features come with a handful of complications. This camera requires little effort, and you can master its in-depth controls. It consists of dials and keys which make it easier for it to operate.

Key display controls are dial-based, such as setting the shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, exposure compensation, Drive Mode and Metering Mode. This fact means you can quickly change settings, even when the camera turns off. Selected controls also feature lock and release buttons to enhance overall operation.

Final Verdict

So keeping in mind all the above points we can safely conclude that whoever is a photography maniac will become even more of a fanatic once he/she gets their hands on this camera.

Photographs of soundscapes and focused birds flying in air or rain dropping from the sky. Also, you can capture lightning illuminating the sky, as well as clarity filled buildings all. In that case, correctly because of this particular advice.

That gives us the same features in an advanced form hence reminding us that new buttons can make the headlines. But excellent work is what people appreciate from cameras all over the globe.

Despite the details above, you can find many technical aspects. Moreover, well and detailed specifications from the instruction handbook and the Fuji website.

Although it comes with easy handling, many photographers prefer the touch system. The touch system is not on the camera in that case. You can master other features which are more familiar. You can always learn those with a bunch of tutorials found online.

But if you want simplicity, then this is the reason to take a plunge and dive deep into it. So hopefully, you’ll realize the material worth the effort.  And who knows you might have had to test it yourself during your plunge.

The XT” is weather, soil and water resistant. That makes its accessibility highly favorable. The weather-resistant features provide the maximum freedom of capturing the world. Then, without anyone or anything putting a stop to you.

James Heidel

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