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Facts DSLR Cameras are the powerhouse for picture making, and there is no doubt in it. It is sure that you know about intelligent metering, Wi-Fi sharing, burst shooting and quick autofocus. These DSLR Camera Facts are the features mentioned in bold letters whenever you read any DSLRs review. However, still, there are Facts DSLR Cameras, features, and capabilities which you may not know about your DSLR.

These are the Facts DSLR Cameras and features which can improve your photo results and enhance your shooting experience. These features are just like some clever elves skulking inside your DSLRs body. As a matter of fact, 20 such examples are mentioned here which no one will tell you even while you purchase or compare the camera.

Facts DSLR Cameras have

In-camera Level Guiding

In-camera Leveling is one of the most helpful Facts DSLR Cameras. Even pro photographers face the problem of slanting horizons in their photo shoots.

However, you will never face this problem from now on because there is in-camera level guiding in every DSLR whose indicator you can find in the viewfinder. Some DSLRs also have pitch axis level for squaring your DSLR with any building.

DSLR Camera Facts

In-Camera Editing and RAW to JPEG Conversion

Most advanced DSLR cameras have this feature through which you can edit your image using standard edits and then convert it to JPEG within the camera.

Tethering Shooting – Facts DSLR Cameras

Most advanced DSLR cameras offer specialized tethering shooting through which you can connect your DSLR to your laptop and compose your images over there. This feature is not only limited to advanced editions some mid-range DSLRs also offer it for models where detail is critical.

Facts DSLR Cameras

Voice Memo Recording – DSLR Camera Facts

Now you do not have to take a notebook with you for recording image details because high-end DLSRs offer a voice memo recording option which embeds in each image. This data can contain names, places, and other relevant information.

Interval Timer

Most DSLR cameras have interval timer which shoots automatically at regular intervals.

Image Lock System

Most DSLR cameras offer an image lock system which will save your images from getting deleted unexpectedly.

Dynamic Range Extenders – Facts DSLR Cameras

Every camera has its name for this feature. But the primary purpose is same. You can now gain up the shadows without any need of boosting highlights. You can apply these picture adjustments later to the RAW software of your camera manufacturer.

Adjust The Screen Time Before Sleep

Most photographers find it annoying that their LCD screen turns off while they review their pictures. Some photographers like to look at their creation, compose them, edit them and check them out with zoom in.

But this will no longer be an issue for you because now you know that you can adjust your screen time before sleep. However, it is not a good idea if you are short on battery life.

Flash Compensation

Now you just let your camera decide the amount of flash needed for a perfect photo shoot in particular situation. After getting an output from the camera, you can adjust flash power according to the look you need in your pictures.

The Depth of Field Preview

This feature is mostly a known characteristic among many professional photographers. But most of them find it out after years of continuous shooting.

It is a button just beside your lens. This switch helps you compose an image while using the viewfinder. Press the button, and it will make your screen a little darker.

However, you will be able to see the exact depth of your field which is going to appear in the resultant image.


This mode has some overdone effects which are essential for beginners. Now everyone can take an image with a DSLR and call himself the photographer. It is fun for new users because no picture can ever go wrong.

The Back Button Focus

The back button focus is an unknown feature for beginners. This key allows you to focus on your subject more sharply and precisely.

Dust Mapping Software – Facts DSLR Cameras

Lingering dust spots are common even after the photographer used sensor shake system and a blow dryer for cleaning. Many cameras have the feature to detect these dust spots and then edit them in specific company provided software. This software uses image data to cover up these dust spots.

Mirror Lockup and Self Timer For Prolonged Exposures

Mirror slap can make your DSLR to shake even when you fix it over the tripod. This option causes the mirror to move in up and down position. Therefore, many DSLR cameras offer the feature of locking mirrors which are helpful for prolonged exposures.

The mirror can also shake while pressing the shutter button. Therefore, mirror lock feature is useful for new photographers.

Lens Correction

No lens is perfect because even the top-notch lenses produce distortion in images. You can now save your image from such issues with the help of inbuilt lens correction feature.

Most DSLR cameras have this feature for correcting distortion as well as corner vignette. The chromatic aberration often steals the sharpness of your image. Therefore, some DSLRs also counteract this happening.

Rate Your Images Within Your Camera

Many new DSLR cameras tend to rate your images from one star to five stars. This feature comes in handy when you have to filter a significant number of images right after you complete your shoot.

Rear Curtain Flash Sync

This feature is another of the DSLR Camera Facts that allows you to capture freeze motion and motion blur within the same image. This trait is the most advanced feature, and most people do not know about its presence in the DSLRs having inbuilt flash.

Bracketing – DSLR Camera Facts

This feature comes in handy when you do not know about the right type of exposure. The camera will capture three different images with three different exposures for you to choose the best one.

Eye-Fi Card – Facts DSLR Cameras

This characteristic is the most exciting feature through which your latest images will be uploaded automatically to photo sites whenever the Wi-Fi is turned on. These pictures upload with exact location details.

Al Servo Auto Focus

Most advanced Canon DSLRs have this feature through which you can continuously track fast moving objects in your video.

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