Compact Cameras vs Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless vs Point and Shoot (also named Compact Cameras), which one is better for you when considering Compact Cameras vs Mirrorless Cameras? Mirrorless cameras are on the market, but they muddy the water between compact cameras and DSLR cameras. Then Compact vs Mirrorless, which one to choose? Continue reading for more information about Mirrorless vs DSLR, Compact vs DSLR, and so on.

Compact Cameras Table

Image Name Price Rating
Kodak PIXPRO Cheap 3.5/5

Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II High 4.5/5
Nikon COOLPIX A10 Nikon COOLPIX A10 Low 4/5

Sony (DSCW800) Low 3.5/5

Canon PowerShot SX620 Medium 4/5 TOP CHOICE

Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 Low-Medium 4/5

Sony DSCW800/B Cheap 4/5 BEST SELLER

Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 Low-Medium 4/5


Sony RX100 Medium-High 4.5/5 TOP COMPACT CAMERA

Mirrorless Cameras Table

Image Name Price Rating

Sony Alpha a6000 Medium-High 4.5/5 BEST SELLER & TOP CHOICE

PANASONIC LUMIX GX85 Medium-High 4.5/5

Canon EOS M100 Medium 4/5

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II Medium 4.5/5

Canon EOS M50 High 4.5/5

PANASONIC LUMIX G7 Medium-High 4.5/5


Fujifilm X-T100 Very High 4.5/5 TOP MIRRORLESS CAMERA

YI Low 3.5/5


Sony a5100 Low 4/5

DSLR Cameras Table

Image Name Price Rating


Nikon D3400 Low-Medium 4.5/5

Canon PowerShot SX530 Low 4.5/5

Rebel T5 Canon EOS Cheap 4.5/5 TOP CHOICE


Canon EOS 1300D Low 5/5 TOP DSLR CAMERA

Nikon D5300 Low-Medium 4.5/5

Canon Digital Rebel XT Low 4/5

Rebel SL2 Canon EOS Medium-High 4.5/5

Canon EOS Rebel T6i High 4.5/5

1300D Canon EOS  Low-Medium 5/5


First Overview

Compact vs Mirrorless Image Quality

Compact cameras no longer mean that you have to sacrifice profoundly on image quality. A few mirrorless cameras also have incorporated larger sensors just like DSLRs despite being smaller in size. The Compact vs Mirrorless subject is a subject that evolves with time and technology.

Mirrorless vs Point and Shoot is a relevant discussion when you notice the main differences you will start knowing more about photography. If you want to learn photography, you have to understand well those differences.

DSLR cameras

Mirrorless cameras are available in the range of $500 which was considered to be the point for advanced compact cameras. Does it affect the decision of people who were intended to go for an advanced compact camera or not?

compact cameras

To compare Mirrorless vs Point and Shoot, we must develop a deep understanding of compact cameras, mirrorless cameras, and DSLRs.

Once you understand the working procedure and benefits of all these camera types, a decision will become more comfortable for you when choosing Mirrorless vs Point and Shoot.

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Definition of Compact Camera

A compact camera, also called point-and-shoot camera,  has proper dimensions to fit in your pocket of jeans or jacket.

Compact vs MirrorlessYou do not need to carry in individual camera bags. Their lens is not detachable, but some compact cameras offer extra lens mount option for serious photographers.

You can check the difference between a Compact Camera and DSLR cameras. See that above the lens the DSLR has a small triangle. On the contrary, the compact camera doesn’t have this triangle.

compact camera example

That is because the compact camera processes the image digitally without crystals.


Definition of DSLR camera

A DSLR is a digital single lens reflex which uses a mirror and prism for the optical viewfinder. They also have a digital image sensor which is larger than compact cameras.

Compact Cameras vs Mirrorless Cameras

These are the cameras which you can see photographers carry wherever they go for shooting purpose.

DSLR cameras

They are kept in individual camera bags or around the neck of the photographer. The top side of the lens is more prominent than compact and mirrorless cameras. That is because DSLR cameras process the image with a camera pentaprism. That process allows better image quality. Nevertheless, the introduction of innovations will probably replace this feature in the future.

Definition of a Mirrorless Camera


A mirrorless camera is what you get by combining both compact cameras and DSLRs. They are smaller than digital SLRs but a bit bigger than most compact cameras.

Mirrorless vs Point and ShootSome mirrorless cameras have the same sensor size as that of digital SLRs. So comparing Mirrorless vs DSLR sometimes we find the same characteristics. The sensors are way more significant than compact cameras whose standard sensor size is 1/1.7.

Mirrorless Camera

Moreover, mirrorless cameras also offer interchangeable lenses. And this is the category which brings them closer to DSLRs. As you can see, there is no pentaprism on mirrorless cameras.


There are good reasons for choosing a compact camera the same as there are good reasons to want a mirrorless camera. However, you have to decide which goals are more important to you at the time of decision making in Compact vs Mirrorless.

A few differences between the two camera types Compact vs Mirrorless are below in detail to help you differentiate as well as rank the two cameras Compact vs Mirrorless according to your need.

Size and Weight Comparison Mirrorless vs Point and Shoot

A single word that defines the size and weight of compact cameras is “compact.” Most of them fit in your pocket correctly so you will not need a separate cover for them. Compact cameras have lenses which retract back in their bodies resulting in a decrease of their thickness.

Mirrorless cameras, on the other hand, are thick as compared to compact cameras. They are also more substantial than their counterparts in weight. Lenses of mirrorless cameras do not retract back into their bodies when they are shut off.

People who need a camera for general photography and have a significant issue with portability must choose compact cameras over mirrorless.

On the other hand, individuals who can compromise on size, weight, and portability can select mirrorless cameras for assuring better image quality. When considering Compact vs Mirrorless, the best one for you relates to what you need. Just continue reading to learn more about it.

Simplicity in Settings Mirrorless vs Point and Shoot

It is tricky to decide who wins in Compact Cameras vs Mirrorless Cameras competition of simplicity of cameras and capturing images among compact and mirrorless cameras.

Compact vs Mirrorless

Compact cameras are mostly all in one camera for beginners. They incorporate some auto modes through which a photographer can get excellent photos without any individual effort. Compact cameras reduce their versatility through this feature though.

Point and Shoot Camera

Lens changing Compact vs Mirrorless

The lens changing is a big difference when considering Compact vs Mirrorless. Compact cameras do not need regular cleaning because there is no way for dust to enter into their system.

Mirrorless cameras, on the other hand, need proper cleaning. This fact when considering Compact Cameras vs Mirrorless Cameras is because you may want to change the lens according to different scenes that you have to shoot.

Lens changing procedure allows a lot of dust to cover the image sensor inside them. Dust reduces picture quality and precision hence regular cleaning is inevitable.

Mirrorless cameras also have a few advanced functions which are difficult to understand for beginners. Some mirrorless cameras offer more control over their outside body. You can see more control buttons which allow you to perform specific settings without going through different menus.

People who do not have any problem with regular cleaning must prefer mirrorless cameras. Compact cameras are perfect for those who have other things to take care of during their free time.

Sensor Size Comparison Mirrorless vs Point and Shoot

Sensor size is the most significant difference which you can see in compact cameras and mirrorless cameras. Compact cameras have a way smaller sensor as compared to mirrorless cameras and this is the reason behind their less weight.

Sensors in Compact Cameras vs Mirrorless Cameras comparisons

When considering Compact Cameras vs Mirrorless Cameras, you also have to be aware of market new arrivals and changes. In Compact vs Mirrorless technology is continuously evolving. So you could find improvements that make Compact Cameras vs Mirrorless Cameras an evolving subject. Sensors are one of the most technological elements.

Despite having a smaller sensor, compact cameras can produce acceptable quality images and videos.

While talking about sensor size, it is important to mention that sensor size depicts the image quality and adaptability of any camera. Smaller sensor means that your camera can shoot only in limited situations while larger sensor implies the opposite.

DSLRs are considered perfect professional cameras because they have larger sensors than any other of their counterparts.

Mirrorless cameras have a larger sensor size as compared to compact cameras, and some of them also have a sensor same as DSLR. This fact means that they are more adaptable as compared to compact cameras.

Compact cameras are best for people who have to shoot in certain fixed conditions while mirrorless cameras are good for more enthusiastic photographers who have to manage themselves in different shooting conditions.

Compact Cameras vs Mirrorless Cameras

Price Comparison Mirrorless vs Point and Shoot

This part is the time which you must consider at the beginning of your decision-making process. The Mirrorless vs Point and Shoot subject is an evolving one.

Most advanced compact cameras are available in the range of 500, but beginner mirrorless cameras start from the scope of 500. Now you need to know whether a beginner’s mirrorless camera or an advanced compact camera is enough for your needs. This answer about Compact Cameras vs Mirrorless Cameras will become more natural if you review all the points mentioned above.

Compact cameras are best for learners who are not familiar with photography at all. Mirrorless cameras are best for people who want to switch to DSLR from compact camera.

Compact Cameras vs Mirrorless Cameras

This possibility is because mirrorless are closer to DSLRs and you can spend your learning period with them to develop familiarity with manual controlling as well as different lenses.

In our opinion, if you are serious about learning photography, the best would be to start with a versatile DSLR camera. Nonetheless, the market is evolving so you must be aware of changes.

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Comparison Mirrorless vs DSLR

We will add more information about the Mirrorless vs DSLR comparison sooner. When comparing Mirrorless vs DSLR, you can find many similar characteristics. At the beginning of the articles, we said that Mirrorless is a hybrid between DSLR and compact cameras. As a result, mirrorless has identical attributes to DSLR.

This image is an example of a DSLR, a Nikon D7500.

Mirrorless vs DSLR

And this is an example of a Mirrorless cam, a Canon M6:

Firstly, the first difference is super apparent, size and weight. Mirrorless are more compact and smaller, so you can fit into the pocket:

Mirrorless vs DSLR

There are many Mirrorless vs DSLR differences. Nevertheless, technology is evolving so they are becoming closer in characteristics.

Nowadays, Mirrorless vs DSLR is pretty different. Another different aspect is lenses, DSLR lenses weight more.

As an example, Canon M6 has smaller lenses than the Nikon D7500.

Another critical difference when comparing Mirrorless vs DSLR and Compact Cameras vs Mirrorless Cameras is the optical viewfinder. DSLR use a Prisma which reflect the real light. Mirrorless viewfinder processes the information with a sensor.

Mirrorless has some advantages. For example, you can move the screen.

But there are many other advantages and disadvantages that may arise when considering Mirrorless vs DSLR.

DSLR vs Mirrorless Camera for Portrait Photography

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