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Facts DSLR Cameras

Facts DSLR Cameras are the powerhouse for picture making, and there is no doubt in it. It is sure that you know about intelligent metering, Wi-Fi sharing, burst shooting and quick autofocus. These DSLR Camera Facts are the features mentioned in bold letters whenever you read any DSLRs review. However, still, there are Facts DSLR Cameras, […]

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How to take pictures of stars

This content highlights the method used to take pictures of stars, it also highlights the instruments required to take high-quality photographs of distant objects like stars, galaxies, night sky. Besides, it provides a detailed account of the tips associated with photography for both the seasoned as well as the novice photographers

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What are Compact System Cameras?

A compact system camera is a lighter and smaller alternative to DSLRs whenever an ideal combination of light, manual control and versatility is required. Compact system cameras are the smallest and simplest option for photographers who want to get creative with their photographic talent. These cameras also provide changeable lenses for photographers who do not […]

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How to Make Money with Photography

How to Make Money with Photography? Making money with a camera can be particularly tricky. Photographers need to choose their professional direction to earn income from their business. Sometimes they do not know what to want and exactly how to start. Photography does not have to be only a hobby. In fact, it’s a great […]

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Rule Of Thirds Photography

rule of thirds

The “rule of thirds” inherently implies that the subject or any essential elements in your photo should be positioned off-center to create balance in an image. The rule of thirds is not a perfect standard. There are instances when you frame a subject at the centre can have more impact. Depending on what you want to show or what emotion you want to stir within your viewers, you can decide on what looks and feels right for the image you are creating.

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