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Should I buy DSLR or Compact Camera?

Choosing between a DSLR and compact camera is probably the first most significant decision that anyone has to take before starting the photography career. What does DSLR stand for ? This question also arises in the minds of enthusiastic photographers who consider photography as a hobby. Some people need to purchase a high-quality camera for […]

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Pentax K1 vs Fuji XT2

Have you ever think about a camera which just took greatness to another level and gave a new definition to reality. Well, we are here to discuss the cameras. This is about Pentax K1 vs. Fuji XT2, which camera is the best. “In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality”-(Ansell Adams). Well, […]

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Reasons Why a Compact Camera is Better Than DSLR

Why is a Compact Camera Better Than DSLR? A Compact Camera is Better than DSLRs in some particular cases. Compact system cameras have been considered far below DSLRs, but recent advancements have made them challenge these big boys. Small system cameras have adopted the DSLRs own game for this competition. Zoom, image stabilization, and portability […]

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How to take newborn photos

Taking pictures is the common and preferred hobby or activity of the people these days. This is a guide to know how to take newborn photos. Nowadays, we have cameras available on our phones, tablets and other gadgets. They let us try out many things. In addition to that, technology has made these phone cameras […]

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