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Compact Cameras vs Mirrorless Cameras

mirrorless vs point and shoot

Mirrorless vs Point and Shoot (also named Compact Cameras), which one is better for you when considering Compact Cameras vs Mirrorless Cameras? Mirrorless cameras are on the market, but they muddy the water between compact cameras and DSLR cameras. Then Compact vs Mirrorless, which one to choose? for more information about Mirrorless vs DSLR, Compact […]

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Camera Calibration Matlab

Generic camera model and calibration system in Camera Calibration Matlab Standard wide angle and fisheye lens with Camera Calibration Matlab We start this Camera Calibration Matlab article. First, a fish type lens is a particular type of ultra-violent lens. Moreover, it is convenient for applications where you need the wide angle of view. Moreover, it works […]

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56 Facts About Compact Cameras – Infographic

The Infographic takes 5 to 10 seconds to load due to animations – Thanks for Your Patience 🙂 Cheapest cameras on the market Available in as low as 60$ Portable, slim and very light in weight Ideal for HDR careers Professionals use them for learning Perfect for children who aim to be professional photographers Compact […]

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How to Make Pictures of Mountains

Firstly, Pictures of Mountains are the real beauty. People have always been astounded by the grace of mountains and by Pictures of Mountains. They fall in love with the hills at the very first sight. It gives the peace of mind and the real calm. In winter snow carpets the mountains and everywhere is snow. […]

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How to Choose a DSLR Camera

How to Choose a DSLR Camera? Prices of DSLR cameras are falling as the manufacturers are coming up with more user-friendly editions. However, DSLRs will always remain more complicated as compared to compact cameras due to the main difference of manual controls. Therefore, selecting the most appropriate DSLR camera is difficult for new photographers. Soo […]

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Should I buy DSLR or Compact Camera?

Choosing between a DSLR and compact camera is probably the first most significant decision that anyone has to take before starting the photography career. What does DSLR stand for ? This question also arises in the minds of enthusiastic photographers who consider photography as a hobby. Some people need to purchase a high-quality camera for […]

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Pentax K1 vs Fuji XT2

Have you ever think about a camera which just took greatness to another level and gave a new definition to reality. Well, we are here to discuss the cameras. This is about Pentax K1 vs. Fuji XT2, which camera is the best. “In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality”-(Ansell Adams). Well, […]

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