Canon EOS Rebel T6s Review

First, Canon EOS Rebel T6s is the camera which packs in high resolution of 24.2 megapixels in its moderately designed body. High-quality CMOS DIGIC 6 processor is the main feature of Canon EOS Rebel T6s which increases speed, accuracy, and performance of this camera. Second, it offers modern controls and features in a small compact body to ensure portability. Finally, in this Canon T6s Review, you can read several aspects of the camera.

On one hand, Canon EOS T6s is the first one of its type to offer top LCD panel along with 18mm to 135mm lens. On the other hand, horizontal level and quick control dial are also the features which were never provided by any camera of this class before the introductions of Canon EOS Rebel T6i. Furthermore, you cannot ignore the ISO performance of Canon EOS Rebel T6s because it allows excellent performance in all types of light conditions.

Canon EOS Rebel T6s

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In addition, Canon T6s is one of the few DSLR cameras which offer near field connectivity to transfer images as well as videos. It enables Canon EOS Rebel T6s to get connected with mobile devices and CS100 connection stations. You do not have to wait for sharing your experience or masterpieces until you reach home. That is because NFC will help you transfer them to your mobile. Similarly, mobile can quickly become a sharing medium for these images over the internet.

Indeed, you will get an improved highlight and shadow details with the help of inbuilt HDR mode in Canon EOS Rebel T6i. This mode will stitch together different images and make up one perfect resultant picture for you. Here is the detailed, unbiased Canon EOS Rebel T6s review.

Canon EOS Rebel T6s

Specifications of Canon EOS Rebel T6s

With the help of high-tech features and specifications, Canon EOS Rebel T6s provides an unmatched image as well as video quality to its users. There are significant numbers of specifications associated with Canon EOS Rebel T6s, but we are stating the most important ones here.

  • Height 4 inches and width 5.2 inches.
  • Weight: 18.3 oz.
  • CMOS optical sensor technology.
  • Optical sensor resolution of 24.2 megapixels.
  • Made up of aluminum alloy, fiberglass-reinforced polycarbonate resin.
  • The optical sensor size of 14.9 x 22.3mm.
  • Field of view crop factor: 1.6.
  • A dust reduction cleaning method for the sensor.
  • DIGIC 6 processor.
  • TTL contrast and phase detection system.
  • Digital video format: H.264.
  • HDMI and USB 2.0.
  • 63 exposure metering zones.
  • Max shutter speed of 1/ 4000 of a second.
  • Min shutter speed of 30 sec.
  • X-sync speed is 1/200 of a second.
  • White balance bracketing.
  • Pop up flash and red-eye reduction system.
  • Operating temperature range: 32F to 104F.
  • 3 inch rotating LCD display with 1,040,000 Dots.
  • Both RAW and JPEG file support.
  • Continuous shooting speed of 3 and five frames per second.
  • Average battery life of 440 shots.

Canon EOS Rebel T6s Review

Features of Canon EOS Rebel T6s

Markedly, Canon has built up its market value over the years. However, the reason behind this value is merely its performance and features offered in different cameras. To point out, Canon EOS Rebel T6s is one of those cameras which make canon proud even years after its launch. On the positive side, the most significant advantage provided by this camera is ease of use which came with an on-camera description of controls.

In general, Canon EOS Rebel T6s provides enough freedom for photographers to work according to their wish. Surely, a flexible and comfortable setting of this camera will allow you to capture an image with immaculate perfection and clarity. To point out, here are some high-tech features of Canon EOS Rebel T6s which differentiate it from DSLR market.

Canon EOS Rebel T6s Review

High-resolution CMOS sensor

24.2 megapixels sensor could be impossible in this price range just a few years ago. With this in mind, Canon EOS Rebel T6s has made it possible with great decency. Before Canon has been using w8 million pixels in its APS-C sensor but it has changed now. Notably, 24 million pixels will report a sufficiently detailed image with incredible clarity and sharpness.

Continuous shooting speed of 5 FPS

Whereas sports and action photography needs you to capture high-quality images with high precision and speed. Yet, Canon EOS Rebel T6s cannot be for professional sports photography. But an enthusiastic photographer will enjoy highly focused five frames delivered in just one second. Provided that the DIGIC6 processor has the primary role in producing such images and processing them.

Built-in Wi-Fi and near field communication

In the same fashion, Canon EOS Rebel T6s has left no one to complain about the specifications and features of this camera. Comparatively, the main reason behind this perfection was the inclusion of in-built Wi-Fi and near-field communications. Of course, near field communication allows the user to connect his camera with compatible devices present near for file sharing.

Canon EOS Rebel T6s Review

Wi-Fi, on the other hand, helps to connect Canon EOS Rebel T6s to the internet for sharing images on social media websites or emails.

Inbuilt HDR mode

As a matter of fact, the HDR mode is quite useful when the photographer strives for perfection regarding compositions of any image. Also, HDR mode captures up to three models in one click and then join those images to form one perfect copy offering perfect auto-focus and color contrast.

Articulated LCD

The three inches LCD of Canon EOS Rebel T6s fully articulates. Moreover, it will never stop you from being famous for your selfies. Additionally, you can now compose your images while taking them on your own with the help of Canon EOS Rebel T6s. By the same token perfection is the primary motive behind this tilting LCD offered by Canon EOS Rebel T6s.

Canon EOS Rebel T6s Review

Pros and cons of Canon EOS T6s

Advantages and disadvantages of Canon EOS Rebel T6s are:


  • Built-in Wi-Fi.
  • 19 autofocus points for perfection.
  • Articulated screen.
  • Built in the optical viewfinder.
  • Face detection focusing.
  • 19 cross type focus types.
  • 1040k dot LCD.


  • No image stabilization.
  • No environmental sealing.
  • Low battery life on average.

Why should you purchase Canon EOS Rebel T6s?

To sum up, we strongly recommend Canon EOS Rebel T6s for price-conscious buyers. You must take advantage of recent discounts offered by Amazon. In conclusion, Canon EOS Rebel T6s is a must purchase for those who are selfie lovers due to its articulated LCD.

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Canon EOS Rebel T6s Review

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