Canon EOS 6D Review

In this Canon EOS 6D Review, we review this excellent DSLR camera. Its price is nothing for such an impressive camera including impressive features as well as specifications. You can now unlock all your creativity fearlessly because Canon EOS 6D has a detailed inbuilt guide for first-time users.

20.2 megapixels sensor is very near to the highest resolution available in this range. It gives adequately detailed images which can be cropped at their smallest part whenever you want to save the favorite.

You can also blow your pictures to an exceptional size without disturbing or blurring the images. Continue reading this Canon EOS 6D Review.

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Canon EOS 6D Review

With the help of quickly Wi-Fi, you can now get connected with Canon EOS 6D by using your smartphone. Compatible and connected mobile phone will compose and take your photos without any extra effort from your side.

Inbuilt GPS tracker is also something which you need to have on your camera because it is a perfect holiday reminder. It will track your position on earth and record it with every single image.

You can see the pictures and then quickly remember the time and place of that photo with the help of saved data in Canon EOS 6D’s GPS tracker.


Specifications of Canon EOS 6D

Some company defined technical specifications of Canon EOS 6D that this Canon EOS 6D Review provides are below:

Canon EOS 6D Review

  • Optical sensor resolution: 20.2 megapixels.
  • Optical zoom: 4,2 X.
  • 11 autofocus points.
  • Continuous shooting speed of 4.3 frames per second.
  • Expanded ISO maximum: 102,400.
  • Extended ISO minimum: 50.
  • Fixed LCD with manual focus and GPS tracker.
  • Hot shoe present for flash installation.
  • 71x viewfinder magnification.
  • 1080p Full HD video making capability.
  • 1 USB spot.
  • Lithium-ion battery.
  • Inbuilt self-timer.
  • EOS integrated sensor cleaning services.
  • DIGIC 5 processor and CMOS photosensor technology.
  • Aperture range of ff/4 to f/22.

Features of Canon EOS 6D

An impressive image quality combined with high ISO performance is what you get with Canon EOS 6D. This camera avoids in-depth features which you may not use at all. In place of those features, Canon EOS 6D believed in improving the relevant ones to mark its performance in real terms.

Low light performance and impressive inbuilt Wi-Fi along with GPS tracking is something which gives you impressive results with your images. This Canon EOS 6D Review says that is still an affordable price. Continue reading for all these remarkable features of Canon EOS 6D given below:

20.2 full frame CMOS sensor


This newly developed CMOS sensor will deliver perfectly detailed images with incredible performance and speed. This full frame 35.8mm X 23.9mm can capture perfect photos with 5472 x 3648 pixels. To provide fantastic detail in every picture, the size of each pixel of Canon EOS 6D’s sensor is 6.55 µm square.

Canon EOS 6D Review

This size of the pixel will also provide an incredible ratio of single to noise which results in amazing images. Canon EOS 6D has no conversion factor which makes sure that angle on this camera will deliver the same view as any 35mm camera.

DIGIC5+ image processor

DIGIC 5+ processor incorporates in Canon EOS 6D to take its photography to a whole new level. This processor works with two 4-channel A/D converter front-end processing circuits to provide a continuous shooting speed of four frames per second.

This DIGIC 5+ processor also assures that you will get lesser noise even at higher ISO levels with the help of advanced algorithms.

Perfect composition, high performance, and focus

You can now think of high-quality images without any problem of external situations. This fact is possible because of the new 11 points quick autofocus system. You can get perfect performance even in diminishing light with the help of following features:

  • Cross-type autofocus points in the center.
  • It has EV-3 sensitivity, especially for low light situations.
  • Bright 21mm eye point viewfinder which provides 97% coverage.

Besides just one shot autofocus, Canon EOS 6D has AI focus AF and AI servo AF while the AI servo focus can also customize with acceleration, tracking, and deceleration.

The high-speed continuous shooting of 4 frames per second

You can keep up with your action photography by purchasing Canon EOS 6D. This fact is possible with the help of fast shutter speed and continuous shooting speed. Canon EOS 6D can give you four frames per second in continuous shooting mode with perfect autofocus and DIGIC 5+ processor.


Pros and cons of Canon EOS 6D

We always try to incorporate negative and positive points of each camera to provide you with an honest opinion in this Canon EOS 6D Review.

Besides the below mention advantages and disadvantages, an expert opinion is to look out for your own needs and analyze them accordingly. Some benefits will inevitably overrun cons about features which you may not need at all.

Pros of Canon EOS 6D

  • You will get outstanding performance at every ISO range with both RAW and JPEG files.
  • Canon EOS 6D provides an impressive range of shooting options for video making.
  • Wi-Fi enabled camera.
  • Smartphones can work as remote controls for shooting.
  • Focus sensitivity in low light which is absent in any other camera of this class and price range.
  • Easy access to shooting menus with quick control menus.
  • Affordable price.

Cons of Canon EOS 6D

  • Only one cross-type autofocus point.
  • No inbuilt flash.

Canon EOS 6D Review

Why should you buy Canon EOS 6D

Conclusion Canon EOS 6D Review

If you are one of those people who has been looking for a perfect DSLR having full frame sensor and high image quality at a low price, then Canon EOS 6D is a must purchase for you.

Canon EOS 6D is a perfect camera for beginners and even professional photographers in some situations like baby or family photo shoot opportunities. You should purchase Canon EOS 6D because no other DSLR of this class and range will have full frame sensor and such high image quality.

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