Canon 60D vs 70D – A comprehensive comparison

First, we start reviewing the Canon 60D in this Canon 60D vs 70D comparison. Moreover, we include a Canon EOS 60D Review and Canon EOS 70D Review. Also, Canon EOS 60D Manual information or Canon 70D Body Only.

Canon 60D vs 70D

Canon EOS 60D Review

First, the Canon EOS 60D SLR Camera is one of the best cameras to start out your photography career or selling on. Comparing Canon 60D vs 70D, the 60D makes taking great photos easy and comes with an 18 Megapixel C.M.O.S. sensor.

Second, this DSLR camera uses a DIGIC 4 Imaging Processor and has an ISO Range from 100 to 6,400. Also, you can expand to 12,800 if you have the need. Continue reading this Canon 60D vs 70D Comparison.

This Canon EOS 60D Review shows how the 60D allows for continuous shooting at 5.3 frames per second. It is compatible with S.D., S.D.H.C. and S.D.X.C. memory cards which you can purchase separately. It features an EOS HD Video mode for taking high-quality video clips.

Canon EOS 60D Review

Finally, you can purchase the Canon EOS 60D individually or together with either the 18-135mm lens or the 18-200m lens. Moreover, this camera is one of the most highly sought after cameras for photo enthusiasts. That is because of its ease of use and its relatively small price.

Canon Foundation – Canon EOS 60D Review

Canon Inc. is a Japanese multinational corporation that practices in the production of imaging and optical devices such as computer printers, cameras, camcorders, photocopiers, and several other things. You can get more information from the Canon EOS 60D Manual.

Canon EOS 60D Manual

Canon founded in 1934 and produced a model for Japan’s first 35mm camera. They began producing digital cameras in 1984 and have since become the most well-known brand for determined photographers around the world. Know more from the Canon EOS 60D Manual.

Canon EOS 60D Review – Is It For You?

On the one hand, maybe you want to take beautiful family photos at the click of a button. In that case, we have to say in this Canon EOS 60D Review that maybe the 60D probably isn’t for you. It will undoubtedly take gorgeous family photos and much more.

On the other hand, maybe you’re serious about your photography. Also, you might want the best camera for the price. Then in this Canon EOS 60D Review, we have to say that the 60D is an excellent value for money. More info in the Canon EOS 60D Manual.

For someone who had the chance to do all three of Canon’s mid-range lineup (the T2i, 60D, also 7D), the feel of the 60D could be the best. Even without magnesium alloy body, it feels solid. In no way does it feel cheap.

Canon EOS 60D Review

This Canon EOS 60D Review concludes that this is a great camera and good value for money. It’s better than the Rebel series of cameras that Canon also produce. But the 60D is not that much more expensive. Continue reading this Canon 60D vs 70D Comparison.

Canon EOS 60D Review Considerations

The body feels solid while not being too heavy. And the image quality is just stunning. This 60D is overall an excellent camera. You will be euphoric with the quality of the camera. Your friends will also love it, and you will be satisfied.

The Canon EOS 60D has so many great features to explore that it’s a photo enthusiasts dream. You can think of course point and click to take great pictures. But if you want to shoot photos the old-school way, then you’ll have plenty of options to play around.

This 60D is a camera for those who might need a camera and want to use it in the old school manual way. And this has more features all in one. Its class is high. More insights into the Canon EOS 60D Manual. Continue reading this Canon 60D vs 70D Comparison.

Product Features of Canon 60D – Check Canon EOS 60D Manual

  • 18.0-megapixel CMOS sensor also DIGIC 4 Imaging Processor
  • ISO 100-6400 (expandable into 12800)
  • Body just
  • Lenses sold separately
  • Improved E.O.S. HD Video mode including manual exposure control
  • Vari-Angle 3.0-inch Clear View LCD monitor
  • 5.3 fps continuous shooting
  • enhanced iFCL 63-zone
  • Dual-layer metering system
  • Compatibility with S.D./S.D.H.C./S.D.X.C. memory cards (not included)
  • Made in Japan

Canon 60D vs 70D

What Customers Are Saying

Buyers of the Canon EOS 60D say the quality is exquisite. Moreover, the images are sharp and clear. From hundreds of reviewers, the 60D receives a feedback rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars also is one of the most modern DLSR cameras currently on the market. More info in the Canon EOS 60D Manual.

Let’s have a look at the feedback from a few photographers below. “Excellent pictures – Even with the stock 18 -135 lens, solid photos, great details, and very crop-able. Yes, there is not an L Lens, but it is yet exquisite.”

“The price point of the camera with such useful features is great. So if you are in the area also are looking to get to 60D, buy it, because you won’t be disappointed. The camera takes excellent pictures indoor and outdoor.” Continue reading this Canon 60D vs 70D Comparison or read the Canon EOS 60D Manual.

Canon 60D Conclusion

For value for money and one of the best DSLR cameras, you can buy for under 1,000. Try the Canon EOS 60-D SLR Camera with 18 MP. This camera has many great features for the photo enthusiast and professional photographer.

Whether you like to point and click or set up your custom shots, this camera can do it all. If you want a broader view of this camera, then compare with the next model. Keep reading this Canon 60D vs 70D Comparison.

Canon EOS 70D Review

This Canon 70D Body Only or with lenses is the second camera in this Canon 60D vs 70D Comparison. By any yardstick, this is a great DSLR. It takes superb pictures. Also, focuses at lightning speeds and shoots excellent video. This Canon EOS 70D Review shows how it is a well-designed camera that handles brilliantly. Moreover, is another Canon Best Buy.

Some Initial Features – Canon EOS 70D Review

A digital SLR with a 20MP sensor. The camera comes as body-only or in a kit with an 18-66mm lens. That equates to 29 to 88mm in 35mm terms.

It‘s quite a big and heavy camera comparing Canon 60D vs 70D. Nevertheless, it has the kind of look and feels that will appeal to serious photographers. Moreover, it has the features to match.

What makes it great? Canon EOS 70D Review

The EOS 70D has the picture quality and speed to serve budding professionals. Moreover, it can shoot high-quality video. If you’re a keen photographer and want a camera with creative capabilities, this camera is an excellent choice. Continue reading the Canon 60D vs 70D review.

Picture quality – Canon EOS 70D Review

The picture quality is consistently strong. Whether you‘re shooting on a rugged Scottish hillside or taking portraits indoors, you‘ll get well-balanced exposures.

Canon 70D Body Only

Good, natural colors and plenty of crisp detail. Also, in low light, you might see a little motion blur while colors can go slightly awry. But the shots still look good, and there’s very little noise. Finally, this camera is complicated to take a bad photo.

More Features Canon EOS 70D Review

The plastics used in the body don’t quite have a luxury feel. But the prominent handgrip with rubber inlays makes the 1kg weight seem lighter. And it’s possible to hold it in one hand.

The various buttons and dials have a logical place in the Canon 70D Body Only or with lenses. And the multiple settings menus aren‘t a chore to work. While the EOS 70D has a traditional viewfinder, it also has a touchscreen display with a live view mode.

Canon 70D Body Only

You can set a focus point just by tapping the touchscreen in the Canon 70D Body Only. And this makes it possible to change the focus quickly and handy. Primarily, that is true if you’re shooting video or trying to get a specific area in sharp focus.

For example, the shutter release has good action in the Canon 70D Body Only. Nonetheless, the biggest complaint is that the zoom might be too smooth. You‘re on to a winner.

Some drawbacks – Canon EOS 70D Review

First, the EOS 70D doesn‘t have the best image stabilization that we’ve come across. So you shouldn‘t rely on it when using a long lens or shooting in low light.

Second, the battery compartment isn’t easy to open. Also, the monitor loses contrast in bright light. However, with an optical viewfinder as well this isn’t much of a problem.

Is there anything else I should know?

First, the Canon 70D Body Only can shoot excellent 1080HD video with equally impressive sound. Even in low light. Moreover, you can manually set the aperture and shutter speed in video mode. Also, colors drift slightly towards orange. And there’s some noise in dark conditions. But nothing major.

There’s barely any delay when pressing the shutter release before you take a photo. And the Canon 70D Body Only starts up at lightning speeds. You shouldn’t ever miss a shot.

With a Canon EF mount, you have access to a vast selection of lenses. And built-in wi-fi makes it easier to get photos off the camera or even use a tablet or smartphone to control it.

Pros and Cons Canon 70D Body Only

This device is one of the best digital SLRs available without paying silly money.


  • First, excellent picture quality.
  • Second, Well-Built and easy to use. Good video.
  • Third, lightning-fast autofocus


  • First, average image stabilization.
  • Second, battery compartment tough to open.

Conclusion Canon 60D vs 70D Comparison

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