Best Underwater Camera for Scuba Diving


You must have seen people exploring under the waters for scientific research or for recreational purposes. The scene can be thrilling, eerie or even awe-striking to others. But that is essentially what scuba diving entails. The divers are always armed with self-contained underwater breathing devices called scuba. Among the many other items the divers carry during the exploration is the camera. The poor ventilation plus poor lighting under the water can altogether to make the place stringent conditioned for survival, sometimes quite scary for a fearful person. But there is much beauty that lie underneath the water, and that is what take the divers done searching. With enough lighting source, you can take quality photos which will bring reminisce of the epic moments under the water. Cameras are the devices you will not want leave behind.

Why You Need the Best Underwater Camera

Water has high refractive index compared to air, that is why it is a bit difficult to see clearly under the water. The cameras used must be of top notch quality design with high Mega Pixel. Such cameras can help you capture what you cannot see with your naked eyes. That thrill that you get with sea diving is brought to you with photography or videography.

Sea floors are littered with various beautiful creatures like jelly fish, turtles, coral reefs. There are also the giant ones like sharks which run so fast, it is only through the help of a camera that you can take the images with you. You just don’t need mere images for the sake, you need quality images. Photos which are priceless for those breathtaking moments can only be captured by best cameras.

You could be wondering, “Which are the best cameras and where are they?” Trouble not yourself for in this post I take you through the various options of quality cameras, the types of housing, top notch accessories and many other features.

Where is the Best Underwater Camera for scuba diving? Keep reading…

For What Purpose do you want the camera?

As a scuba diver looking for underwater camera, you need to revise your main purpose for the camera before you consider the recommendations. There are various top notch cameras out there like Sony, Canon, Nikon plus many more. They all have waterproof housings which can be good for you. But exploring the use for the camera will be of great importance. Perhaps you will only need to use your underwater camera for snorkeling. And you would wish not to spend a lot, then consider acquiring Olympus TG-4 16 MP Waterproof Digital camera. This camera is actually tough, well designed with 3 inch LCD features and red in color. Nevertheless, remember such type of camera is definitively suitable for snorkeling, traveling and keen like activities.

Various Types of Cameras

Contemporary cameras can be put into three main categories: Mirrorless, Compact and DSLR.
Besides these cameras, technology has been employed to bring products which are more enhanced and specialized for scuba diving like Sealife Micro. For this kind of camera, you would not need any housing. You may consider it, depending on your budget.

1. Mirrorless Cameras

Here is a camera that offers you quality services with longevity of lifespan but you don’t have to spend a fortune to acquire it. Being a low income earner, you will cherish budgeting for the mirrorless cameras since the prices are friendly as compared to DSLR Cameras. Some of its advantages you get are: Quality photos, larger sensor compared to compact, lightweight hence appropriate for travels, interchange of lenses is easier and has sharp focus. Its main disadvantage is, the inability to use wet lenses that is; you can only shoot either wide angle or macro.

2. DSLR Camera

You are looking for maximum performance, breathtaking quality images, high reliability and varied lenses options then this is the camera for you. It has reduced shutter, sharpest focus system, impeccable image quality with large image sensors and great choices of lenses. This camera can perform with very low light. This camera however, is heavy, cannot use wet lenses and is very expensive.

3. Compact Cameras
These are the smallest and cheapest of all the cameras. The size is good with appropriate weight for travels besides, you can use wet lenses with it and shoot macro and wide angle view. Its low quality, noise, small sensor, less battery life and delay shutter are some of the disadvantages that can kill your thrill.

Four Best Diver Cameras for you.
Having considered various factors in the field of diving, here is the list of Best Underwater Cameras for Scuba diving.


This is one of the best scuba diving cameras in the rank of quality cameras, good for you. The camera is designed with top notch technical skills, weaved together with rich technological advancement, giving you enriching services. It doesn’t only give you quality but also comes in a considerably affordable price. It is a top-end with a 20.2 MP CMOS sensor plus dual autofocus, top speed continuous shooting up to 10.0fps and a superb full HD video. Few cameras can amazingly auto focus during underwater shooting, Canon 7D Mark II is one of the few.
Though the camera provides amazing services with interchangeable lenses capacity, it is also worth noting that it is heavier and bigger and can be cumbersome during your long travels.

2. NIKON D810

This is simply the best as far as landscape pictures, nature and water diving is concerned. The camera offers breathtaking images with high resolution and a full spectrum of colors to make your photography as interesting and an activity to always look forward to. With complete dynamic range, plus top notch low light performance, NIKON D810 is the camera to consider buying. Its impeccable features include: 36.3MP CMOS sensor, EXPEED image processing system, 51-point autofocus system with exceptional full HD video capability. This camera has the best DSLR quality with interchangeable lenses. It’s however one of the most expensive cameras.


For those who don’t need camera housing for their underwater scuba diving photography, here is the camera that rightly fits your need. Sealife camera is not only appropriate for snorkeling but also for diving. This camera can be taken as low as 60 meters in depth and still take pretty quality images and videos. It is easy to use since it is designed with quick set up menus. It is compact in design and comes in affordable price. Its main cons are: It has no zoom feature and no manual white balance adjusting feature.


It is one of the most popularly used diving camera. It is tough with amazing features, appropriate for snorkeling. Designed with the capacity for underwater performance, it takes top notch quality pictures and videos. It’s also good for hiking, bikers and adventurers since it takes good regular landscape pictures. It has a wide angle with macro modes, raw support and ultra –rugged to enable it remain tough and enduring for extreme environmental conditions. The camera however, doesn’t take great video qualities compared to other cameras and works in a maximum depth of about 15 meters or less.

Getting the Best Underwater Camera for Scuba diving is one of the grandest achievements in your endeavor to make a thrilling, exciting and memorable adventure under the water. Epic photos bring back to life the experience and a suitable camera helps you achieve this. If you are a scuba diver then consider acquiring the best, of course depending also on your budget. But don’t put your money on low quality cameras that shall leave you miserable, take the best you can afford.

Having read through this post, I hope you found the information not only insightful but also helpful. Browse through to see what else we have for you and keep following this site for more…Best Underwater Camera for Scuba diving
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