Best Drone With Camera Under 200 Dollars

FPV (First Person View) is an excellent technology. It allows you to broadcast your quadcopter video on a remote device or smartphone. The televised live video gives you the ability to control the drone with FPV. FPV provides a feeling of immersion in the piloting process. FPV is useful for entertainment, driving missions and video-shooting.

If you are looking for a quadcopter with a camera and remote control video, check our reviews. We review several FPV drones in different price categories. The drones are suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

The quadcopter economy segment is replete with suggestions from several Chinese brands. On a limited budget, you have to avoid losing your drone on the first try if you are a beginner. A weak opening attempt can damage your drone. We recommend a list of satisfied and durable manufacturers. Proven best models are from the brands: Hubsan, Syma, WL Toys, Cheersonі, Xiro, JYU.

Hubsan H107D

In the line H107 from Hubsan, if it is a model with the prefix D, it means it has FPV system. H107D is a tiny quadcopter, which is ideal for a first flight. The quality video shooting is not superb because the built-in resolution camera makes a modest 0.3 MP. The H107D Control Panel has a large 4.7 inch LCD screen. That simplifies the learning process.

The Hubsan H107D is a responsive, nimble and roadway drone. It has a safe, well-assembled chassis, with which you will not have problems during operation. Flight time from one battery H107D is 7 minutes. The far flight distance is 100 meters, height-up to 90 m. Some benefits are the prevalence of accessories and spare parts. Cons are lousy quality recorded video and a small visual angle. The price is under 100.

JXD 510W

JXD 510W quadcopter has a fascinating design and looks much better than others. It comes with powerful engines. Thanks to the low weight (150 grams), the drone feels good in the air, with gusts of wind of up to 5 m/s. The JXD 510W provides four batteries, each of which delivers up to 8-9 minutes of autonomy. The most extended flight distance from the remote control is 50 meters.

JXD 510W drone has a 2MP camera. The video displays on the built-in remote 4.5-inch screen. The video records an outstanding quality and color picture. But, as a significant drawback, it has a substantial “jelly” effect. Price is under 100.

Hubsan X4 H502S

Another copter from Hubsan, the H502 model, is the cheapest GPS drone. The massive plus for newbies is the navigation module. It allows you to put in place different functions: return to the origin, follow me and GPS mode. The GPS mode improves the smooth flight and the manageability of the drone.

The advantages of H502S are several. Excellent build quality, range up to 270 meters, battery endurance (up to 12 minutes), as well as speed and dynamism. Weaknesses are poor video recording quality. The camera has a resolution of HD. The built-in remote 4.5-inch display shows tiny details. It also lacks protection in the basic version. Price is under 100 dollars.

Syma X8SW

Syma X8SW implements FPV broadcast on the smartphone. Other drones FPV on a built-in control panel display. This lack of overlap has one weighty advantage. The more significant dimensions and weight of the drone allow you to hook up to it a third-party camera. You can get a much better quality of shooting that can provide a 1MP camera.

Flight time is 9 minutes; the max range is 70 m. The copter features a barometer. That provides the benefit of height management. Also has some exciting features like 360º management and direction fixing. Also comes with protection propellers. Price is under 100.


This drone has an excellent performance with brushless motors. This artefact is a powerful copter with high speed and manoeuvrability; the range is 400 meters. Autonomy is 7-10 minutes, and you can fit shooter camera. The remote control panel has a removable FPV screen, which also comes with the kit. Besides, X1G has the chic design, making it look much more expensive of it is under 100 value.

Advantages: GoPro payload, FPV, stability, proper handling and proper endurance (12 minutes). Disadvantages: low control distance (of 150 meters), delayed sign of battery loss. The copter engines immediately switched off, and it can fall from height.

MJX Bugs 2

The company MJX RC occupies a unique place among drone manufacturers. They released simple models for beginners and expanded its product range. Now is one of the biggest and most reputable companies in the industry.

MJX Bugs 2 Drone GPS Long Distance

The MJX Bugs 2 quadcopter is the predecessor of an excellent model, the MJX Bugs 3. For its price, is one of the best quadcopters equipped with brushless motors and GPS system. It is an attractive model not only for experienced pilots but also for beginners.


  • Manufacturer: MJX.
  • Model: Bugs 2C.
  • Case Material: ABS (Shock-resistant engineering thermoplastic resin. Material based on a copolymer of acrylonitrile with butadiene and styrene).
  • Control: 4 channel 2.4GHz.
  • Camera Resolution: 1080P.
  • Engine Type: brushless motor.
  • Communication range: up to 800 meters.
  • Gyro: 6-axis.
  • Battery: 7.4v, 1800mah.
  • Flight time: about 15-18 minutes.
  • Charge time: about 150 minutes.
  • Dimensions: 410 × 410 × 80 mm.
  • Weight: 445 g

Packaging and appearance

The MJX Bugs 2 comes in a cardboard box with foam packing that contains the drone and pieces. Charger, battery, remote control, four spare blades and special replacement tools.

Besides, the manufacturer includes two 8GB microSD cards and PC adapters for reading. So you can start flying and recording video immediately after unpacking.

MJX Bugs 2 composes its body of high-quality impact resistant white plastic. Its surface has an engraved company logo and monster coloring.


Purchase link at RCMOMENT, $114.99 using code MJXBS2C at checkout:

Main Functions

Drone management at first may seem complicated. Lack of experience can lose the drone, direct to on an obstacle, or even break on the ground. MJX Bugs 2 creators take care of all these troubles. They provide a set of protective features that make flights easier and safer.

GPS positioning

Built-in geolocation system allows you to navigate in space and saves the preset position. Besides, the drone remembers the place of take-off and in case of any problems can come back and land.

One Key Return

You don’t have to worry that the drone can break as a result of aborted landing. This feature allows landing the drone at the start point with the click of a button.

IOC (Intelligent Orientation Control)

This system saves you from having to worry about where the MJX Bugs 2 nose is facing. Very handy for novice pilots, who have difficulties flying the drone.

Built-in barometer

This feature allows the drone to hold a specified height. Thus, you can use the arrow keys on the remote control only for lifting or lowering.

Automatic return

You do not have to worry if the drone goes out of reach and you lose communication. MJX Bugs 2 will return to you and sit precisely on the place of take-off. The same will happen if the battery is finishing.

Protected motors

Even if your drone lands in dense grass or shrub, its engines are not in danger. When meeting with obstacles, screws stop so that the motor does not overheat or block.

Integrate your Smartphone

An exclusive app for Android or iOS allows you to see the camera, take pictures or record video in real time.

Preliminary preparation

Any person who never piloted a drone can think is an easy task. But flying a drone is as complicated as driving a car.

MJX Bugs 2 creators did their best to make life easier for novice pilots. With built-in gyroscopes, the drone does basic movements in auto mode. It keeps height, obey commands from the control panel and sits down on the ground. You need prior training to succeed. You have a detailed video that contains the information necessary for successful flights.

As additional advice, do not rush to raise the drone in the sky without calibration and seven or more satellites. Otherwise, the device can fail to return to the origin in case of problems.

Test Flights

The MJX Bugs 2 flight test is positive. The drone behaves stably and predictably. The pilot requires some practice. Even if you’re a beginner, you will not lead to catastrophic consequences. You only need to select a large area without barriers or people.

Concerning flight limits, they correspond to the specifications. The drone gains height up to 300 meters. Also, it moves away from the starting point by approximately 600−700 meters. Flight time is 15 minutes. After this period the keypad adverts battery levels and the unit lands.

The only remark concerns the quality of the recorded video. The picture seems too diffuse and has many fallouts frames. Let us not forget that this drone is for amateurs. For better stuff, you should pay very different sums of money.

Review Conclusion

We reviewed the MJX Bugs 2 specifications, essential functions, and features. But, we did not tell you a single word about the storm of emotions experienced. Any person who pilots the drone in the sky for the first time will notice cool feelings.

This gadget is great! This small flying device will give you stunning range of feelings and options. Great fun for people of all ages. So the experts recommend buying this item.



James Heidel

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