Best Compact Cameras for Traveling

We have made an effort to develop a subjective list of compact cameras which are best for travellers and enthusiastic photographers. You can use these cameras either during trips, vacations or casual travelling. However, they are not the cameras carried by professional photographers, and they cannot replace those cameras regarding versatility as well as precision.

Compact cameras are highly portable, lightweight and easy to use as compared to DSLRs carried by professionals in big bags along with some lenses.

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Compact cameras are great for hobbyist photographers and snapshooters who do not want to carry large cameras along with sturdy tripods.

The compact camera is a camera for everyone but a pro. It includes people who have to travel all the time but want to bring back memories in the form of quality images. They are also for people who are addicted to social media and want to share their seizures right away.

best compact cameras for traveling


Compact cameras come with Wi-Fi and NFC for social media sharing. All compact cameras can easily fall in the list of travel-friendly cameras but here is a list of cameras which can produce quality images along with ease, adaptability and simplicity.

Smarter and Smaller Compact Cameras

Travellers cannot find any better news than small compact cameras in this century. Despite their small size, they have the tendency to churn out perfect images as well as videos. Dramatic changes and intense competition in compact cameras have resulted in this great innovation.

Photographers are also expecting larger sensors in compact cameras in upcoming years. Only little larger sensors will fill in the complete gap between compact cameras and DSLRs. Most compact cameras have lenses that go back inside their body on turning off. This detail results in slim dimensions which help you to put these cameras in your back pocket or small purse.

Canon PowerShot G7xcanon powershot g7x

It is a small camera with perfect dimensions to make it slip in your back pocket. Travel photographers have to stay prepared for every kind of situation which arises in their way. Therefore a proper compact camera is a must which has a good number of auto modes to assist you in quick shots.

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Why is Canon PowerShot G7x a good travel camera?

It is a 20 megapixels compact camera with 4.2x optical zoom and 31 autofocus points. Optical image stabilisation makes it perfect for moving objects during your travel. 4x extra digital zoom also incorporates in capturing much closer images.

Battery life of Canon power shot G7x is also enough for travel camera as you can capture up to 210 photos on average with this camera.

With the advanced DIGI6 processor and high shooting speed of 1/2000 of a second, you can take to notch images for social media. 20 megapixels of Canon power shot G7x will let you blow its images in big frames if you want one to hang prominently on your wall.

You can also crop a small portion of your image for enhancing your creativity of a shoot if there was no time to set decent zoom at the date of image composition.

Key features of Canon power shot G7x:

Key features of Canon power shot G7x which make it a perfect match for travellers are:

  • 20 MP CMOS sensor.
  • 1080 full HD video.
  • RAW+JPEG formats.
  • HDR mode.
  • 3 inch articulated LCD for selfies.
  • Control ring and 4.2x optical zoom.

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The probability of Being a Good Travel Compact Camera

It is not the smallest and slimmest compact camera but it is, however, a camera with a larger sensor to assure excellent image quality and it can also fit in your pocket with a little difficulty.

Nikon P610nikon coolpix p610

This compact travel camera is a perfect camera for those who look for an all in one camera with extra zoom lens. It is a versatile travel companion which can bring you close to your subject in the wild. A compact lens with an extensive array of controls meant for experienced photographers who want to customise their images. It is a camera with built-in GPS, Wi-Fi and ultra zoom lens.

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Why is Nikon P610 a Compatible Camera for Travellers?

The 60x zoom lens of Nikon P610 makes it perfect for travellers. It has proved that it is a versatile travel companion with a full zoom, Wi-Fi, GPS and NFC.

Full HD videos captured by Nikon P610 open up new and comprehensive shooting opportunities for you. Articulated LCD of this camera is the best thing for young travellers as they would love to take selfies on their way. You can flip the LCD of Nikon P610 and hold it up your head to get perfect shots of any concert with zoomed in the lens.

Key Features of Nikon P610

Key features important for travellers in Nikon P610 are:

  • Maximum aperture: ƒ/258.
  • Focal Length: 60mm to 120mm.
  • Weight 1.25 pounds.
  • Flexible LCD.
  • Optical zoom 60x.
  • 16 megapixels optical sensor resolution.

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Probability of Being a Perfect Travel Camera

The size of Nikon P610 is not very small, but its size is still tiny to incorporate 60x optical zoom along with 16 megapixels optical sensor resolution.

Olympus TG4

This cam must be your choice if you have to travel outdoors in severe conditions. It is not wrong to call Olympus TG4 as a camera for an adventurer. These kinds of people need to have a camera which is waterproof and shockproof. Olympus TG4 has both these features perfectly included.

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You can drop an Olympus TG4 from 50 feet height without damaging a single part of it. With its 4x optical zoom and telephoto converter, it can be used by underwater photographers to capture their masterpieces.

Key Features of Olympus TG4

Travel-friendly features of Olympus TG4 are:

  • Average battery life of 380 photos.
  • Continuous shooting speed of 5fps.
  • 16 megapixels optical sensor resolution.
  • 4x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom.
  • BSI and CMOS photosensor technology.
  • Aperture range: f2.0 to f4.9.

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Probability of Being a Perfect Travel Camera

It is a light weight, a nearly pocket-sized camera which you can use for diving as well as land adventures. Its lenses are light, and you can tuck them into your back pocket for carrying around.

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