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the best camera for video shooting 2017The competition between manufacturers of photographic equipment contributes to the emergence of newer and newer models of cameras with improved characteristics and Best Cameras for Filming. In our time, it is already impossible to independently determine the best camera for video shooting among the many copies.

To understand which cameras are the Best Cameras for Filming, we will use the advice of experts who will share their practical knowledge.

Minimum parameters for video

We determine the necessary minimum characteristics for a camera with a video recording function:

  • Matrix resolution – at least 10 megapixels;
  • the size of the matrix is not less than 2/3 of an inch;
  • ISO parameter – not less than 100;
  • the focus is 24 × 85;
  • ZUM – more than 3.

Best Cameras for Filming: for each according to needs

Each specific Best Cameras for Filming is designed to solve a certain range of problems: it is impossible to develop a universal model that would equally well meet different requirements.
camera for shooting video
Obviously, in order to shoot a child for a walk, there will be enough “soapbox” – a small, light and inexpensive camera, and for a professional, you need a solid mirror camera with a good video, endowed with rich functionality.

If you need to shoot video at a serious level, and for you the high speed of shooting is important, lightning focus adjustment, then what is the best option – mirror or mirrorless camera, will announce the announcements of new products of 2017.

Sony a7R II camera: “mirrorless” vs “SLR camera”

Sony is the best manufacturer of digital cameras. Each newly released model pleases photographers with improved features and new functionality.

Sony a7R II camera, equipped with a full-frame high-resolution matrix, its inherent high sensitivity and reaction speed made a real sensation among connoisseurs: the image is high-quality, clear and detailed.


  1. Sensor: Full frame, 42.4 megapixels.
  2. Lens: Sony E.
  3. Display: 3 inches, 1228.8 thousand points.
  4. Viewfinder: electronic.
  5. Continuous shooting: 5 frames / sec.
  6. Video: 3840 × 2160.
  7. User level: pro.

Advantages of Sony a7R II

  • The camera as one of the Best Cameras for Filming is pleasant and convenient to use, reliable, and, most importantly, produces an excellent result;
  • high-resolution images with deep and precise detailing – this attracts the attention of all photographers: studio, advertising, landscape;
  • a high speed of work;
  • good serial shooting.

Advantages of the camera for shooting video

  • shooting video in 4K format (QFHD: 3840 × 2160);
  • for shooting Full HD or 4K, it is possible to record in crop mode;
  • There are special connectors for connecting a microphone and headphones for professional video recording.


  • when zooming, the autofocus setting is lost and it takes a few seconds to restore the setting, experts recommend using manual focus adjustment for professional shooting;
  • high cost, if considered as a model for an amateur.

The Sony a7R II is a mirrorless camera that is capable of competing and even defeating top professional mirror models. Professionals can use this model on a par with the mirrors.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4


  1. Sensor: 4/3, 16.05 MP.
  2. Lens: Micro Four Thirds.
  3. Display: 3 inches, 1036 thousand points.
  4. Viewfinder: electronic.
  5. Continuous shooting: 40 frames / sec.
  6. Video: 3840 × 2160.
  7. User level: medium.


  1. The body of the camera is designed with anatomical features in mind: a comfortable grip in the front and a small protrusion for the thumb on the back. Thanks to this, the device is perfectly held in the hand, despite the decent weight. All buttons and control knobs are located exactly under the fingers, which makes the process of controlling the camera convenient and very comfortable.
  2. A high quality of assembly, inherent to the manufacturer.
  3. The camera display is equipped with a swivel mechanism – it can be deployed in either direction, either forward or downward, can be locked in the body in the “screen out” position.
  4. The device shoots high-quality video in 4K format.
  5. There is a built-in YAGH interface unit.
  6. The camera is equipped with an XLR audio input and a 10-bit HDMI output.


  • unreliable camera autofocus;
  • The practical absence of a photographic stabilizer, which does not eliminate the trembling of the hands of the photographer.

With the first circumstance, you can still somehow cope – use the manual focus adjustment. A weak stabilization will not improve, this problem can be solved only with the use of another stabilization technology.

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 IV: Handheld device for video

Sony’s hybrid cameras lead the company to the leading position in the world of digital photo equipment.

Compact camera Sony RX100-IV – one of the leaders in its class, thanks to the ability to shoot video in 4K format.


Types of lenses for cameras – which one should you choose


  1. Sensor: 1 inch, 20 megapixels.
  2. Display: 3 inches, 1228.8 megapixels.
  3. Viewfinder: electronic.
  4. Continuous shooting speed: 16 kp / s.
  5. User level: beginner.

Technical features

  1. The remarkable appearance of the camera, it is convenient to hold in the hand.
  2. The compact dimensions of the device are 102x58x41 mm.
  3. Lightweight – together with the battery barely reaches 298 g.
  4. In fact, this camera is smaller than any modern smartphones.
  5. Thanks to the BIONZ-X processor, record high-speed performance is achieved, the serial shooting mode is performed at a speed of 16 frames/second.

An available high-speed video makes this camera an excellent device for reporting and one of the Best Cameras for Filming!

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100: Pocket Version

Best Cameras for Filming

  1. Sensor: 4/3, 12.8 Mp.
  2. The lens: non-replaceable, 24-74mm, F1.7-F2.8.
  3. Display: 3 inches, 921 thousand points.
  4. Viewfinder: electronic.
  5. Continuous shooting: 11 frames / sec.
  6. Video: 3840 × 2160.


  • a high speed of work;
  • in the serial mode, the speed is 6.5 frames per second with the autofocus running, and with the disabled -11 frames per second;
  • recording video in Full HD, frequency – 60 fps;
  • built-in Wi-Fi will allow you to copy the footage to your mobile device and use the remote control from your smartphone.

Canon EOS 1200D Kit – for fans and novice photographers

Best Cameras for Filming
Mirror Canon EOS 1200D Kit 18-55mm DC is aimed at amateurs and novice professional photographers. It is one of the Best Cameras for Filming. Equipped with 30 optical elements and a CMOS matrix, the model guarantees clear, detailed images of high quality.

Main characteristics

  • The total number of pixels is 18.7 million.
  • The maximum possible resolution of the photograph is 5184 × 3456.
  • Aspheric lenses.
  • The field of view of the viewfinder is 95%.
  • The rate of shooting speed is 3 fps.
  • Exposure – 30 – 1/4000 sec.
  • Interfaces – AV output, USB, mini HDMI, a connector for remote control.

The camera body is made of strong stainless steel, finished with polycarbonate resin. The camera can shoot video in Full HD format. The model is equipped with an autofocus and a mirror-like TTL viewfinder.


  • Simple functionality, ideal for beginners.
  • Reliable housing.
  • A sufficiently high frame rate.
  • Supports high-speed SDXC cards.
  • High brightness and wide viewing angles.


  • There is no image stabilizer.
  • No Wi-Fi module.
  • Non-rotating screen.

The camera seems simple for advanced users, but those who only make the first steps in the world of photo art will appreciate all its advantages.

Nikon Coolpix A900

Best Cameras for Filming

NIKON has provided the COOLPIX A900 with a compact body and excellent characteristics for rich, detailed images. The camera will be a convenient tool for capturing beautiful views on travel and the best moments in life.

The main advantage of the model is a 35x optical zoom with the ability to expand up to 70x. Continue reading Best Cameras for Filming.

Main characteristics:

  • Diaphragm – F3.4 – F6.9.
  • The total number of pixels is 21.14 million.
  • The matrix is BSI CMOS.
  • The maximum resolution of the images is 5184 × 3888.
  • Manual control and the ability to record video in 4K.
  • Optical image stabilizer.

The camera is equipped with Wi-Fi. Through a special SnapBridge application, you can connect it to a smartphone for data exchange. The rotary screen allows you to do selfie and photograph objects from different angles.


  • Automatic focusing.
  • Compact body, lightweight.
  • Presence of macro mode.
  • Quick readiness to work.


  • Lack of viewfinder.
  • Not a touchscreen.

The camera is suitable for fans, beginners and more advanced users. With such a camera everyone can discover the creative potential, creating magnificent images of the surrounding world.

Olympus Tough TG-4: the best waterproof

The Olympus Tough TG-4 is one of the best underwater camera and Best Cameras for Filming at the same time. He will be a good helper as lovers of water procedures, who like to be shot on the beach, in the sea or the pool, and extreme lovers who are not afraid of winter cold or torrential rains.
Best Cameras for Filming

  1. Sensor: 1 / 2.3 “, 16 megapixel.
  2. The lens: 25-100mm, F2-F4.9.
  3. Display: 3 inches, 460 thousand points.
  4. Viewfinder: no.
  5. Continuous shooting: 5 frames / sec.
  6. Video: 1920 × 1080.
  7. User level: beginner.


  • compact dimensions of the device: 112x66x31mm;
  • lightweight – only 247 grams;
  • It is able to work at a depth not exceeding 15 meters;
  • is not afraid of any weather: it is waterproof, dustproof and frost-resistant;
  • Do not be afraid of falls from a height not exceeding 2.1 meters;
  • close-up macro photography is possible;
  • built-in GPS and Wi-Fi.

Technical features

  1. The modern processor provides serial shooting at a rate of 5 frames per second.
  2. Video shooting is performed in Full HD format at a rate of 30 frames per second.
  3. Underwater shooting, interval shooting is available.

Olympus Tough TG-4 never fails: neither on vacation nor at work in extreme conditions. Provides quality shooting in all weather conditions.


Rating of the best mirrorless cameras with interchangeable optics


Each of the presented cameras is special in its group and has certain advantages as Best Cameras for Filming.

It is undeniable that any SLR camera will be one the Best Cameras for Filming. But not everyone can afford to buy such a camera, the cost of which is calculated not by one thousand dollars.

The best camera for shooting video – everyone has their own, taking into account their requirements for photographic equipment and, of course, financial opportunities.

James Heidel

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