Best Camera Tripod Under 100

Now in stores, you can find many cheap tripods. They are most Chinese companies whose names you probably won’t say anything. Buying such products makes no sense. The production has a complete lack of quality control. Therefore, finished products cannot be excellent. Such tripods are unstable and shaky. But you can find better quality tripods in specializes stores. You can get acquainted with our article with the best of them.

Best Tripod Companies

Not every person requires additional devices for photography. Often it is enough to shoot with a smartphone or a poor camera. All of this leads to the fact that tripods and other accessories have practically no demand. Consequently, large companies do not engage in the manufacture of such things. When choosing a tripod you should focus on the following brands:

  1. Benro.
  2. Continent.
  3. Feisol.
  4. Gitzo.
  5. GreenBean.
  6. Manfrotto.
  7. Slik.
  8. Sony.
  9. Velbon.

If you are a true professional, you can take a look at other online stores. There you will find high-end carbon fibre tripods. Those can be superior to the tripods examined here. But those products can be much more expensive.

Top Floor Stands

Sony VCT-R100

This tripod head is not superior to its competitors. But Sony VCT-R100 is low cost. It is a relatively inexpensive tripod without any fault.

The maximum height of this model does not exceed 1 m. Of course, despite little, this product is very strong. Even on uneven surfaces, it absolutely does not move from their seats. However, the tripod has its limits.

The creators do not recommend using it with a camera exceeding a weight of 1.2 kg. There is the possibility of falling the device under heavy loads. But heavy cameras is the destiny of professionals with many years of experience. They will not pay attention to such a cheap tripod, which has a fixed head pad.


  • The head is already complete.
  • Not high weight (660 g).
  • Large angles of inclination and rotation of the head.
  • All sections, tightly adjoin to each other.
  • Relatively low cost.
  • Small size.


  • Fixed platform.
  • Will not withstand the weight of a professional camera.
  • No level.
  • Small height of the shooting.

Sirui T-005X + C10X

You can buy this tripod in black, blue and red colors. That availability is rarely with models with such a high price tag. Usually, their whole structure is in the familiar black color. For the rest, this is the standard tripod, designed for the experienced photographer.

The accessory resists any technique because the maximum load reaches 4 kg. The tripod weighs approximately 900g and is relatively small. Although it still seems lover slightly a bit hard.

The accessory is made of aluminium alloy. It comes with interchangeable head. You can position the camera at the height of up to 115 cm. The minimum height is about 10 cm. The tripod when folded occupies very little space.


  • Sturdy 22 mm rod.
  • Solid partitions created from aluminium alloy.
  • Can be very low.
  • Withstands cumbersome photographic equipment.
  • Interchangeable head included.
  • Still reasonable price tag.
  • In the folded condition has 30 cm length.
  • It weighs less than a kilo.


  • Too many sections.
  • Awkward opening case.

Benro A-300EX

This tool is a standard tripod, painted black and is relatively long when folded (52 cm). Like many of his other competitors, it easily keeps equipment weighing 4 kg. Its durability distinguishes tripod Benro A-300EX. Doing damage to its partition during the operation is almost impossible.

The diameter of the used rods here is 23 mm as a traditional value. On the ground, the tripod stands to lean on solid rubber lugs.

With this accessory, it is possible to raise the camera to 139 cm tall. The build quality is excellent since the extended rod stays perfect. The legs can be locked at a specific angle, 24, 55 or 80 degrees. This product weighs 1.07 kg, it is heavy, but there are also much heavier tripods.


  • Still not the most prominent weight.
  • Very stable construction.
  • Pleasant to the touch.
  • Can shoot at high altitude.
  • Present compass and level.
  • The rubber tips are spikes.


  • Heads are not complete.
  • No decent length when folded.

Vanguard Alta +204 AP

Relatively inexpensive model. Am improvement is the removable 3D head PH-12. You can easily replace another head, which is good. Also, the creators introduced a level. The level nowadays is not mandatory. Many SLR system cameras have a digital orientation sensor.

Each of the three legs here consists of four sections. This seems a lot, but the sustainability is better. Only after a year or two of active use may become visible a small staggering. It has a 220-millimetre central rod. Tripod legs use rubber couplings, complemented by thorns.

Unfortunately, not ok for professional cameras with a very long-range lens or load. The load is limited to two kilos.


  • Relatively low price.
  • Head.
  • Robust design.
  • Inside thorns.
  • High smoothness on heads.
  • Storage device.


  • Already decent enough weight is 1.35 kg.
  • Will not withstand heavy camera equipment.
  • Insufficient lifting.

Best table tripod

Manfrotto Mini PIXI

The creators of this tripod tried to make it for the photographer or blogger. It has only 18.5 cm long. It is very little, while the mini tripod still not fits in the pocket. To make it even more compact failed for one reason.

Manfrotto company wanted their product can withstand relatively sizeable photographic equipment. As a result, the maximum load is 1 kg. It turns out that the tripod will hold even amateur reflex camera equipped with the lens, but not the largest.

Legs record from different angles. This allows you to adjust the height of the shooting slightly. The camera can be in 13.5 cm from the table. Weigh is approximately 190g, less than some modern smartphones. In short, with this accessory, you can put it in your backpack and forget about it.

The main disadvantage is the lack of head. You will have to buy it separately. But you can acquire it, and that will meet all your requirements.


  • Minimum dimensions.
  • Weighs almost nothing.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Stable on flat surface.
  • Withstands even 1 kg of photographic equipment.
  • Not the most expensive thing.
  • Can be used as a monopod-handle.


  • Not the most extensive angles of rotation upside-down.
  • Not suitable for a camera with telephoto lens.

What tripod select

If you are a professional photographer or cameraman, then you can use one of those tripods. Read the specs and details of each of the products to suit your needs. Each of the presented models in this collection is unique in its way.

One tripod can stay higher, other lower, other a better price. You can also navigate through different characteristics of tripods that can differ slightly.


James Heidel

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