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How to choose a night vision device: prices, description, reviews


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Night vision device can be both optical and digital device. There are quite a few varieties of the device, depending on the destination, they are used for observation or accurate shooting in the dark.

General information


Before you choose a night vision device, you should pay attention to such indicators as dimensions, range and angle of view, as well as the ability to focus on a specific goal.
















Such devices can be not only built-in, but also removable, serving for additional lighting at night. Depending on the amount of incoming light in the lens, choose its diameter.




















Its maximum value is 60 mm. Another important characteristic is the viewing angle, where the largest indicator is x1. The clarity of the observed image depends on the generation of the device. The newer it is, the higher the light gain.













Night vision devices: description, principle of operation


Today this equipment is quite popular. Many people wonder about how to choose a night vision device. First you need to decide on the appearance of this device.



  • Night vision goggles. This
    device is a binocular embedded in a special mask.She puts on her head. The main advantage is that the hands remain completely
    free. Therefore, glasses are used by drivers, rescuers, climbers, etc. As a rule, an adjustable illuminator is built into the glasses, thanks to which the viewing distance is 600 m. Their main feature is the absence of multiplicity. Thus, at a certain distance you can see the clear outlines of objects.


  • Binoculars They are no less popular than previous species, and also comes in two versions. Such a universal device is capable of solving many problems of observation in the dark. This is a great night vision device for hunting. Used when performing search operations, as well as for monitoring a specific territory.Compared with previous species, binoculars have a huge multiplicity, so the range is much higher. Their technical characteristics depend on the generation.There are also binoculars with a built-in video camera that can record all the movements that occur.



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  • Sights This is a special class of night vision devices, which is used not only for observation, but also for accurate shooting. They are installed on different types of weapons. If a person has enough experience, then the shots will be accurate.Like all models, sights are divided by generations. Representatives of the first generation are able to recognize the target at a distance of more than 150 m. If you look at more modern sights, they are able to see clear outlines at a distance of 900 m and above. They are available in two types. A digital night vision device differs from an optical one in its design.




Before you choose a night vision device, you need to understand its design. It does not affect the range of the inspection, but it makes the process more comfortable. If you change the structural elements of the devices, the objects may have a small clarity.














Only a part of the image intensifier tube will be visible in the lens, and its replacement is quite expensive. For sights, the important point is to have a sufficient distance from the device to the eye so as not to get injured when firing.




















Most domestic manufacturers perform high-quality devices with glass optics, but such a device has a high price. There are also cheap devices with plastic elements, but the quality will be much worse.













What is an infrared illuminator?


This device is used to highlight a specific area or object, so that it is more convenient to observe it. They must be installed in the case when there is not enough natural light. They may consist of a laser, LEDs
or other lamps. The laser adversely affects human vision. Therefore, laser illuminators are often prohibited. More safe are LEDs and lamps, usually with a power of 12 mW.
















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The most powerful illuminator is produced in the domestic market – 75mW. Thanks to him, the inspection range has increased several times. If this device is not built into the night vision device, then it can be purchased separately. Mostly reviews of those who use such an infrared illuminator, only positive.

Main characteristics


Among the night vision devices, there is the following pattern. The smaller the size, the longer the inspection range. Special attention should be paid to the sights. First of all, their design must withstand the loads arising from shooting.













In this case, the scope should not be off the initial position. In addition, the target must be clearly visible under all conditions of use. Most of the sights supplied to the market do not meet the requirements for shock characteristics. They can be installed on a specific weapon when obtaining a license.

Purchasing Tips


To choose the right night vision device, you must adhere to the following rules:


if the device will not be used in professional activities, then there is no need to select a device with improved technical characteristics, as the cost depends on it; in order for the image to be of high quality, you should choose a device with an opening of at least 1.5

When buying a device, you should pay attention to manufacturers, make a deal where the warranty card
is issued; before purchasing it is better to test the device in order to understand whether it is suitable for you or not; Before you buy, you need to check its performance.


Night vision device: price


Cost depends on technical characteristics, and also on a type of the device. So, the pricing policy of these devices is within the following limits:


monoculars from 1,000 to 40,000 rubles;


night vision goggles from 1000 to 180 thousand rubles;


binoculars from 20,000 to 50,000 rubles;


sights from 30,000 to 600 thousand rubles.




Many people who use night vision devices, leave good reviews.





















Each species is designed to improve the quality of observation in the dark. Before buying, you must clearly know for what purpose the device will be used. If for amateur observation, the night vision device is suitable, the price of which is lower. For professional activity, it is worth buying devices with improved technical characteristics.















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